Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ethan in the Sink

I have a crying two year old crawling on me at the moment.. at least he's clean though.. because the only thing worse than a crying whiny child is a dirty crying whiny child..

He's actually "supah" clean (Ethan's pronunciation) because after he was done going to the bathroom he decided to give himself a bath. In my teeny tiny bathroom sink! Uh yeah.

Like really?! The kid takes forever to poop.. seriously like 15 minutes.. and he stinks! I don't want to sit in there with him for that long..


He just noticed my computer screen and said "Mama!, Dat me! I take my clothes off." ha!

My poor tub! It's taken a beating lately.. normally in the summer my kids hardly ever take baths because Frank typically takes them in the pool after work.. not quite sure why, but they haven't been doing that lately.. I'm ganna have to remind the kids how much fun that is. *big huge supah wink* hahaha..

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