Monday, June 27, 2011

Boys are Gross

Ethan is fond of sticking things in his nose at the moment. It used to be his ears. But after getting his ears flushed because a tiny piece of wipey had disintegrated in there, he was pretty much traumatized after that.

But months later, he's back to his old ways. Except now it's the nose. A few months ago he was complaining of something being stuck up there.. I held the other nostril and told him to blow.. uhh yeah.. totally wasn't expecting that pimento to come flying out at me!

Last night he's laying in bed with me and I see him sticking a small piece of tissue up his nose. So of course I yell at him to cut it out and tell him it's nasty. Apparently there wasn't just one. This is what my floor looked like after he threw them off the bed. Because walking to the garbage can in the corner was apparently asking too much.

He's so nasty. And this morning when I went to open the blinds on the other side of the bed.. there were more over there. *shakes head*


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  2. If it makes you feel any better, my daughter can be pretty gross at times too! And my kids are apparently incapable of walking over to the trash can either. It makes me crazy!