Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Action!

I'm going public again.. this must be my tenth fifth blog I've created.

I think the best thing for me to do is to have two blogs.. the private one where I write my erratic thoughts without being judged or giving a flying flute what anyone thinks..

And then this one.. where people can stop in and say hi and we can exchange pleasant comments..

Or is that a little weird that I have a secret blog?? LOL It's like my journal though.. where I can vent my frustrations about my family and talk about stupid issues like insecurities.. I don't like putting things like that out in the public world.. it seems very.. dramatic first of all.. and just very private.. if I wanna call Frank a lazy piece of &%$* because he just stained my newly bleached counter top I should be able to do so.. in private! But not speak that way of him to others..

It makes sense to me.. so, that's what I'm doing..

This one will be light and airy.. funny kid stories.. pictures.. thoughts.. encouragement.. etc..

The other one will basically be my evil thoughts.. because journaling has seriously always helped me overcome negative thoughts.. I'll be in bed all antsy at 3am.. get up, journal, and I'm sleeping in 10 minutes..

I'll be back soon enough to update and decorate ; )

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