Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Days Short Years

I was just looking through old photos to add to my sidebar. My babies are growing up so fast. Ayden looks so different when he had his baby teeth. Poor kid's in the awkward Sponge Bob teeth phase.

Exhibit A

And the baby - oh my goodness! He looks like such a baby in photos that were only taken a few months ago. *sigh* Let along looking at his baby pics!!

It always seems so exhausting - cleaning the house only to find crumbs on the floor and who knows what on the couch.. cooking a nice meal only to hear "Do I have to eat this?!" and then the mountain of dishes waiting for me afterwards. Let alone the wrestling and arguing that I am constantly defusing.

Yeah, these goofballs definitely keep me on my toes.

My summertime goal is to play more with them.. I don't typically "play" with them. That's Frank's area of expertise.. he'll throw them around in the pool.. or play ball with them out back.. probably because he's like a big kid.. hehe.. but they love it!

I'm more of a spectator or cheerleader. I sit on the chair and watch them play ball. Adding my dutiful "Wow! Great job!" every so often. Or let them in the pool while I watch from the deck. But I wanna join in the festivities this summer.. Frank's always wanting me to hang out back with them.. but I usually prefer to be alone in the house when he's got them entertained in the yard. Maybe I'll alternate. haha..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Boys are Gross

Ethan is fond of sticking things in his nose at the moment. It used to be his ears. But after getting his ears flushed because a tiny piece of wipey had disintegrated in there, he was pretty much traumatized after that.

But months later, he's back to his old ways. Except now it's the nose. A few months ago he was complaining of something being stuck up there.. I held the other nostril and told him to blow.. uhh yeah.. totally wasn't expecting that pimento to come flying out at me!

Last night he's laying in bed with me and I see him sticking a small piece of tissue up his nose. So of course I yell at him to cut it out and tell him it's nasty. Apparently there wasn't just one. This is what my floor looked like after he threw them off the bed. Because walking to the garbage can in the corner was apparently asking too much.

He's so nasty. And this morning when I went to open the blinds on the other side of the bed.. there were more over there. *shakes head*

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ethan in the Sink

I have a crying two year old crawling on me at the moment.. at least he's clean though.. because the only thing worse than a crying whiny child is a dirty crying whiny child..

He's actually "supah" clean (Ethan's pronunciation) because after he was done going to the bathroom he decided to give himself a bath. In my teeny tiny bathroom sink! Uh yeah.

Like really?! The kid takes forever to poop.. seriously like 15 minutes.. and he stinks! I don't want to sit in there with him for that long..


He just noticed my computer screen and said "Mama!, Dat me! I take my clothes off." ha!

My poor tub! It's taken a beating lately.. normally in the summer my kids hardly ever take baths because Frank typically takes them in the pool after work.. not quite sure why, but they haven't been doing that lately.. I'm ganna have to remind the kids how much fun that is. *big huge supah wink* hahaha..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ayden's going to Juvie

The boys have been outside with Frank all day.. and they look it!! Filllllllthyyyyy

I told them they weren't allowed in until they were ready for baths.. so once the bugs starting coming out.. they decided they were ready for those baths.. ha! I put Ethan and Ayden in together and then close the curtain most of the way so I could pee.. this is the convo that I heard from the other side of the curtain:

Ethan: Why mommy close the curtain?

Ayden: Because she had to pee and we can't see her. Well, I can't see her. You can.

Ethan: Why?

Ayden: Because it's probably illegal. I'll go to jail. You won't because you're a baby. Babies can't go to jail. But kids can. It's called juvie.

And that's when I busted out hysterical laughing..

Friday, June 24, 2011

I just cut my own hair - eek!!

Oh boy.. I gave myself a hair cut.. I been on a kick.. searching for make up ideas and hairstyles.. well I found one about how to cut hair.. hahahahaha..

It doesn't look that bad.. but I did get a little scissor happy.. all my hair was previously one length and now I have a very thin portion that is still that long.. the rest is all in choppy shorter layers..

I originally (about a week ago) gave myself side bangs.. which when brushed straight down.. came to the tip of my nose.. but today I decided I wanted regular bangs, not side swiped..

Uhhh.. let's just say I'll be growing them out. LOL Oh well though.. it's different.. and fun to play with.. and from what I hear.. bangs grow so fast.. or at least you notice the growth that much more.. so.. they'll be long bangs in no time.. and my layers are going to look a million times better as they grow out too..

So screw it.. I don't mind it.. but I'll definitely be letting it all grow out.. =) Wanna see pics??

I am so not photogenic.. I must've taken 30 and these 3 were the only survivors.. I don't understand why either.. cause I think in person I'm pretty cute.. but man oh man sutten happens inside that lens.. and then I'll see photos of girls/women who look freakin adorable!! even though they aren't someone you would look at as being overly attractive.. but they just come out as cute as could be in photos.. yep, totally jealous..

Hrm.. wonder if I could YouTube that!! "how to be photogenic" hahahaha

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Action!

I'm going public again.. this must be my tenth fifth blog I've created.

I think the best thing for me to do is to have two blogs.. the private one where I write my erratic thoughts without being judged or giving a flying flute what anyone thinks..

And then this one.. where people can stop in and say hi and we can exchange pleasant comments..

Or is that a little weird that I have a secret blog?? LOL It's like my journal though.. where I can vent my frustrations about my family and talk about stupid issues like insecurities.. I don't like putting things like that out in the public world.. it seems very.. dramatic first of all.. and just very private.. if I wanna call Frank a lazy piece of &%$* because he just stained my newly bleached counter top I should be able to do so.. in private! But not speak that way of him to others..

It makes sense to me.. so, that's what I'm doing..

This one will be light and airy.. funny kid stories.. pictures.. thoughts.. encouragement.. etc..

The other one will basically be my evil thoughts.. because journaling has seriously always helped me overcome negative thoughts.. I'll be in bed all antsy at 3am.. get up, journal, and I'm sleeping in 10 minutes..

I'll be back soon enough to update and decorate ; )