Monday, May 30, 2011

Beme in the Lead

Having the best day I've had in a while
Meditated (briefly) and found such peace
God spoke to my heart
and told me to trust Frank's love
let go of the darkness: anger, jealousy, revenge
and just
Trust God and trust Frank

When a glimpse of something negative enters
I shoo it away before I even know what it's mission was
because I know two things:
1. It was sent from Satan
2. It was going to bring evil into my cells
No thank you!

I got so much done today:
Laundry, dishes, cleaning, the boys' rooms, dusting
And I ate well, very well

I feel great
I even took Ethan for a bike ride
And I'm due for my period today
So all those excuses are just that - excuses!

Beme is my leader today, a biproduct of the Supreme
and peace flows through me
No way!!