Monday, April 18, 2011

School - Mine & Gavin's

I'm on a mission to get my very very very last semester of school ovah and done with! I have 6 more assignments.. if I do 2 a day for 3 non-consecutive days.. I will be DONE as in never taking another class ever again for as long as I shall LIVE Thursday April 24th.

Pretty Amaaaaazing!!!!!!!

So glad I was able to go to school instead of work for the past several years.. So glad that I didn't stand up for myself back in 1997 when the soldier who was helping me fill out my enlistment forms told me that I DID in fact want to enroll in the Montgomery GI Bill even though I had just got done telling him I didn't!

I ended up paying $100 out of my pay for the first 12 months of my enlistment.. and in return the Army paid for my tuition, books, and gave me hundreds of dollars each month for the past 7 years. Had it not been for that program my children would be in after school programs while both their mama and papa worked their tushies off.

I would have never realized that it IS possible to have just one income.. I would have been in the mindset of "Well, my mother worked full time and we ended up fine." That day, at that man's desk.. changed my life and my kids lives forever. I remember being pissed off that I didn't stand up for myself and that it was such a waste of $1200!! I thought "I'm going to stay in the Army forever." and had that been the case I would have gotten a free education anyways.

But shit came up and I got out.. and therefore was no longer entitled to go to school for free. I wonder if soldiers are still able to take free classes.. the program I was enrolled in (Montgomery GI Bill) just recently changed.. it hasn't been enforced yet, but it will be in a few months.. I am so fortunate that it didn't go into effect while I was enrolled - it lessens the money received by Veterans.

Anywho.. that's my long saga about my education that I was forced to get. ha! I'm sure my dad is proud though. Education was high on his priority list.

Man, you'd think I was talking about my Masters.. hahaha.. I took me this long (7 years.. on and off.. mostly on!) to get my Associates!! But it's mine and I earned it.. while being a mother.. sometimes a full time employed mother might I add.. ;)

Ok enough about that..

In other news.. I have decided to ease up on Gavin's grades.. I had always expected straight As.. then as he went to school I realized it's impossible to be anything but thrilled when they bring home Bs too..

Cs ah not so much.. Ds and I start screaming.. Fs and I start hitting!

Buuuuut it's been years now that Gavin has been erratic with his grades.. one marking period he's on the honor roll.. and the next he's got 2 Ds..

He has never been interested in school.. and I'm guessing he never will. But I very recently stopped that from being the sole representative of who he is in my eyes. He has SO MANY wonderful qualities that I can't just let his academics determine who he is. I know plenty of children his age and he is by far the best. hahha.. biased? Maybe.. but ask my friends and even associates and they just gush at how polite he is, and responsible (except for school ;) he's kind, generous, and my best friend..

I, by nature (thanks Dad) put education high up my list.. so I did tell him I'll give him $100 if he brings me home straight As - which IS totally possible (so says me, him, and all his teachers) if he tried hard enough.. he's just lazy uninterested..

But wow.. are you reading this at sonic speed?? Cause that's how I'm thinking, typing, reading it..

Gained a few lbs this weekend.. oink oink.. I ate like a piggy.. cake more cake dinner with the girls.. drinks with the girls.. cupcakes.. yeesh.. my poor organs.. trying to detox today.. totally craving a ginormous Salad Works salad.. which btw they deliver!

Until my next rambling...

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