Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pure Contentment & John Edwards

It's morning.. which (for me) means:

I physically feel God's presence in my soul..

I have pure contentment flowing thru every cell..

Thoughts are slightly noticed..

I can sit and relax.. almost as though meditating..

This is the feeling I have almost every morning..

I don't know at what point reality sets in

and my life is filled with everyday stresses and negative emotions..

I never really thought about that threshold..

But today I am going to focus on when and why this nirvana

fades into reality..


This morning's particular thought:

Do you think John Edwards

takes the feelings in the pit of his stomach

and doesn't overanalyze why or what is causing them

but just goes with instinct

as to what they are and who is causing him to have them??

What I mean is I have a physical weirdness in my tummy right now. I can tell myself it's nerves because of a few specific reasons, I could tell myself it's hunger pangs, I could brush away this feeling in my soul as being caused by anything that everyone else experiences.

Orrrrr, I could not consciously think about it and let my subconscious wonder and return with any number of outrageous causes. Such as, it's my dead father saying good morning, or it's God reminding me to pray, or it's a random spirit telling me whatever.

That's my theory on him.. he doesn't overanalyze and let's the first crazy-as-it-seems idea take control over his vocals and expresses whatever it is that came to him.

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