Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday was my mother's birthday.. she came up for a visit and when the baby saw her present he got a little jealous ticked..

Pouty face, arms crossed, huffing and puffing "Hrmph!" on the bathroom floor.

What's the matterrrrr??

Is Nanny's birfday and not mine! Hmph!

Aww, it's your birthday too!

You want us to sing to you? Still pouty, but definitely getting happier he says yes. So we do. Then he tells us to sing Happy Birthday to Nanny, and Ayden, and "the cup" that was sitting on the end table. ha!


So last night nothing was on TV, then my mother and I remembered that there was a cute Candace Cameron Bure movie premiering on Fox "To Tell the Truth" I think it's called..

Well, we couldn't remember the name, so I googled her, found her website, and knew she'd be advertising it, which she was, so we put it on..

As I'm on her website I see she has a new book called "Reshaping it All" I was this close to running out to Barnes & Noble to get it.. had it not been pouring and her birthday I would have..

But I did the next best thing and read the comments of the people who purchased it instead..

Somewhere in the flood of reviews I saw that someone brought up her stance on Yoga, and I had no idea, but some religious folks believe that Yoga is of the devil!

Isn't that odd?

I woke up at 4:44am this morning and after spending lots of time talking to the Lord I came down here and googled that whole theory.. You should have seen all the people who got their panties in a bunch about how yoga is evil and God condemns it and we are ignorant for taking on Hinduism beliefs.. yada yada yada

And yet again.. I am so turned off by offensive folks claiming to be a better follower of Christ than my yoga loving, church skipping self..

Another, and probably most prominent (for me), person who speaks very similar to these people is Candace's brother Cameron.. he really had me thinking a while back..

He speaks of God being so.. well, evil.

And Cameron is a rooty tooty full fledged follower.. He reads (the Bible) before he feeds (his body) every morning.. there's another cute rhyme he follows.. but I forget it..

On his website he says that if you believe God loves you no matter what and that if you are a good person at heart you're okay.. that you are delusional and that "your (meaning mine) God is a figment of your imagination."

How friggen insulting right?!?!

Totally crazy to me that people who supposedly follow Jesus with every ounce of their being are the rudest people who judge like only Jesus should!! There was one comment (about the yoga) that resonated with me.. she (well, I guess it could have been a male) said that we should live life being kind and loving to others.. let God judge.. and that we should enjoy our life on earth because it is a gift from God.. it was actually quite long and well written.. I am forgetting 90% of it.. but it wasn't just a hippy free spirit thing.. It was genuinely a great way to live. Love God, love yourself, love others.. stop judging.. don't be obsessed with yoga or food or anything.. but enjoying those things seem harmless enough and I agree with her..

she (he) also counters the folks who say only those that read and live by the Bible will make it into heaven by asking about the illiterate folks - who she claims (and I am likely to agree) make up the majority of the world! Or the people who, by default of being born in certain locations, don't know of the Bible.. all those folks are doomed by no fault of their own? Come on now..

I am not a reader of the Bible, let alone a studier of it.. but is it the belief of many that God or Jesus actually wrote the Bible?? or is it commonly accepted that His followers (mere humans) wrote it. Because one word pops into my head - interpretation!

That's how people follow the Word is it not? By interpreting it. That's what Joyce Meyers does on her show (lover her!!) and so it would make sense that those who wrote it, gave their opinion as well. (ie standards/roles of women thousands of years ago that no longer fit in to societies standards.. or sacrifices being preformed)

So, if I go to hell because I didn't read the Bible enough, so be it. I won't read it just to ensure my spot. I won't read it unless I have the desire to. And sometimes I get that urge, and I open it up. But it isn't often and it never resonates with me.

But talking to God all day long every day is something I crave!!!!! and love. When I'm driving, when I'm peeing, in bed, when I look at my children, when my husband comforts me. It's all Jesus extending His love from above to me on this earthly place.

I believe with all my heart and soul that God loves everyone who truly loves Him and lives a life that makes God proud. Not perfect, no one is. But living in a way that follows God's desire.

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