Monday, April 11, 2011

Jumbalaya.. as always

Frank and I had such a weird past few weeks.. taken our love for granted most likely.. I think it's officially behind us.. but it just reinforces the fact that marriage is something you must work for.. so many people assume that a happy marriage is something they are entitled to.. but no one is "entitled" to another person..

Frank's main issue has always been respect.. My main issue is appreciation.. and we usually mesh quite well with one another but lately.. he's been so focused on himself (tattoos, working out, work) and not giving me enough attention (texts, hugs, kisses, winks) which then makes me feel unappreciated.. and mad at him for rejecting me (that's how I perceive it) so then I don't respect him (as in I don't really care what you have to say Frank.. since you don't care about me.. I'm now going to be rude and walk away while you're talking) and that's been our life for the past few weeks..

But it's all nonsense.. I am not going to let my happy marriage be taken away from me because I am too proud to be kind to someone who doesn't necessarily deserve it.. So, I let it all go. Again.

Well, I let most of it go and am truly working on the rest.. ; ) meaning.. I was nice to him this morning.. but in my mind I was irritated that I had to be nice.. but whatever.. I'm a definite believer of fake it till you make it!


I've been on a 40 day challenge for the past 6 days.. 40 days of no cursing, no getting angry, no gossiping, no being a glutton.. etc..

I have not been perfect, but I have been pretty good.. and I will be even better
today and tomorrow and the next day!

Except for that whole Frank thing.. Evil definitely won that battle.. but we made up and maybe it'll make us appreciate the wonderful times to come that much more.


I let Gavin off punishment.. even though his grades were crap: B, C, D, D.. But both those Ds were Cs a week before report cards, but he didn't do a hmwk assignment in each class and those zeros dropped his average down to a D. One D is one point away from a C the other is atrocious.. but he's just been punished for so long.. I thought let's give him a taste of freedom and maybe that'll motivate him to keep it! *fingers crossed*

He's doing great though.. always does what I ask without one single gripe.. love that kid!

turned 7 on Friday.. we had a bunch of friends over on Saturday.. he was so happy. We usually do partys at party places.. I've never had one at my house.. but it was so much better! I loved it!

Next year we'll stick to family friends though.. We only had one child who wasn't a family friend and he ended up running out my front door!!!!!!!! I chased him and then he wouldn't come back in. I yelled at him. lol I don't play around.. running out the front door. yeesh!

Plus he ran up to my back gate and kicked it and broke it.. yeah, family friends next year. lol

Ethan is loving this beautiful day.. my front door is open and all the windows.. he's saying "HI GUYS!!" to two teenage boys (who I guess are playing hooky) walking by.. soo cute!

Well, I could ramble on for days right now.. but I'll go stop Ethan from trying to... dang it! I was too late!

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