Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boys & Blue Nail Polish

I read an article the other day about how an exec at J. Crew painted her son's toenails hot pink.. I initially thought "Good for them!" for having a fun moment.. don't we all paint our son's toenails in the privacy of our home? oh you don't? Well, I do!

But I don't know that I would brag about it because I'm fairly certain that there are plenty of people who would disagree and make me feel like a bad mom.. Which is exactly what happened to this poor woman.. except these strangers took their opinions to an insanely disrespectful and almost psychotic manner.. so many folks were sooo mean and hurtful.. it was too much for me to read the comments after the first few. I flagged quite a few though.. I mean disgusting what those people were writing.

I used to be adamantly against gay rights.. I had a few friends in high school who were "Bi" just because it was cool.. it turned me off to having any respect for homosexuals because to me they were just looking for attention.. But after reading and hearing about so many wonderful people who happen to be gay, I am in no position to judge or deny them anything.

Personally still not a fan of flamboyants, but that applies to gay and straight.. And actually I used to tell Gavin, actually taught my son to dislike gays. I have reversed that position and explained how wrong I was. And that there are plenty of generous, kind, loving people who happen to be gay.

Most blogs I read.. are written by women who are not embarrassed to speak of Jesus.. I am not as free with my writing nor with my mouth.. I don't think it's embarrassment as much as it's the fact that everyone I know IRL doesn't feel the way I feel and they mock my beliefs.. not trying to be cruel.. they just don't understand how I could believe in God and love Him so much.. they were never taught about him.. never.. it's how life is where I am from.

I actually became so close to Him because of the blogs I read. It opened my eyes to how it should be!

I wonder what those women think of homosexuality. I'd guess that they are against it because the Bibles says so (not that I've ever read that it says that) but I've heard an interview one time from a Christian woman who studied the Bible in college.. and she said that it says something like.. Lay down with another man, and he shall go to hell.. but she also said that the Bible says the same exact thing about eating shell fish.. that you'll go to hell..

This article opened my eyes even further to who I want to be. I want to be a non judger.. sometimes I make myself go out in public without my wedding band on with kids in tow.. because I am always looking to see if a woman with children is married.. and if she isn't wearing a ring (which doesn't even mean she's not married) I judge her.

How disgusting of me. As if my wedding band means I'm any better. Puh lease! She could be a calm mother who spends much more quality time with her children than I do.

And just because someone is in love with the same sex.. doesn't mean I am any better. They can pray a million times more than me (yes, they do that!) and be kinder to strangers and donate more money and their time than I do..

Lady GaGa has a song where she says something about God loving the gays.. and it's so wonderful that they don't say to themselves "Oh I'm gay, God doesn't love me, so I don't love Him either!" and take that route.. which would be easy for them to do..

No, they say screw that section of the Bible, GOD DOES LOVE ME! AND I LOVE HIM! I know I say screw certain sections of the Bible.. some of it is a bit freaky. But that doesn't take one iota away from me loving the Lord.

All that to say I painted Ethan's and Ayden's toes blue yesterday ; ) and for the record Frank (mr macho man) laughed about it.

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