Monday, March 28, 2011

Positive Energy

My Ayden getting an award at school last month for.. oh my goodness I forget! Bad mommy! It was something to do with kindness as opposed to being for academics.. I think.. but it really doesn't matter what the title says.. he got it cause he's SUPER!! I took the boys bowling on Sunday.. sooo much fun.. my bowling friend behind the counter was like 3 games each? as she was punching in my order.. I'm like NOOOOOO!!! One game each.. yeesh! I'm brave, but not stupid.. one game was perfect for all of us. I'm sure the older two could've played another, but we'll go again.. Frank stayed home.. but ended up coming there and surprising us.. in the tenth frame.. but it was okay.. me and the boys had a blast! I couldn't believe how well Ethan behaved.. I was prepared for a little running around.. running up to bowl when it wasn't his turn.. typical stuff that the other two did at 2 years old.. but oh man.. he sat in his seat calm as a cucumber so long as I let him hold his lime green ball..

"Mama I go?"

"Nooo, it's Gavin's turn."

"Ohhh I go next?"

"Yes baby, you're next."

pretty much every time he wasn't bowling, that was our conversation. lol.. so cute!!

Soo happy I took them even though I was still feeling kinda blah at the time.. I even said to Frank that I was purposefully taking them to make me feel like a good mom.. because if I just let the weeks go by without doing something extra fun with them I start to beat myself up.. this was a win-win for all.. especially since Frank ended up coming but because he showed up as we were finishing.. we all went for ice cream afterwards to fill up his I'm a good daddy quota..

Did I mention I'm in a better, no better than better mood.. I had a long talk with myself and pretty much concluded that I know the man loves me.. and even though he wasn't professing his love in airplane cloud smoke or getting my name tattooed all over his body doing what I had hoped.. I hat to let it go.. I hadn't quite gotten to the point that I HAD let it go.. but I was putting forth great mental effort to make it happen later today.. then.. *knock knock* I'm not really a flower person.. but knowing that he put forth the effort to do something extra to brighten my day released the last bit of negativity within me..

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