Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life Recap

Where we are today...

Gavin is doing much better in school.. he currently has a B in Math.. he's one point away from a B in Science.. he has a C in Language Arts.. and an F in Social Studies.. but aside from Science, nothing has been updated since Feb 10th ish.. and I think once all those grades get entered.. his grades will be even better.. *fingers crossed*

Gavin is growing up so fast.. He's up to my nose already.. maybe even my eyebrows.. lol..

He still has such a great heart.. everyday after school we just sit and talk.. I absolute love it! Gavin is still in little kid mode though.. which I wouldn't have any other way!!! He hasn't hit the I'm-too-cool for this or that stage.. I wish I could keep all my kids at this stage forever.. They are old enough to be left at home (Gavin's age, I mean).. they are totally independent as far as showering, flossing, feeding themselves snack, etc.. yet they are still little kids.. safe and sound under my watchful eye all day.. LOL

Ayden got all Gs in school.. which is the highest he could get so we tell him he got straight As.. he's a smarty pants for sure.. he is very independent.. he is totally content being left alone and doing his own thing.. I seem to spend the least amount of time with Ayden.. the baby requires so much attention.. and then Gavin is about to hit a very venerable stage where his peers play such a large role that I am constantly giving him talks about drugs and drinking.. and then with his grades being so poor lately, I've been talking to him about his future..

I make sure Ayden gets extra hugs and kisses because that is definitely his love language.. he is content being alone for an hour or so, but then he wants physical love and to be told we missed him.. hehe.. so cute.. I think when Ayden turns 8ish he and I will have special talks like me and Gavin too.. it's that age that they get so curious.. it's as if parents are the internet.. the children just spew off question after question (googling) and we answer them.. I love being the #1 source of information for my kids.. they are like sponges..

Ethan is still a handful.. but it's certainly easier than when he was younger.. I know he's safe for the most part.. I can't wait for another year or two when he'll be less inclined to do dangerous things.. I joined the gym a few months ago and Ethan loved the "play room" there.. but then out of nowhere he got freaked and now wants nothing to do with it.. unless I bring the other two.. I don't think anything happened.. it just got old and he realized that I was leaving him.. which sorta stinks because going in the morning is so much more convenient for me than taking all 3 after dinner.. but whatever.. I just hope he is okay going to preK next year..

Ethan is a smarty pants like his brothers.. he speaks in full sentences and amazes all of us with what he understands.. bossy little thing too.. if he has to go potty or get a fork.. he'll tell whoever is in the room "No touch my pancakes." as he leaves the table.. or "No touch my toys." The other day he was building blocks and was like "Ma come! I build a bird house!" I didn't even know he knew what a bird house was.. let alone he really did build one.. with a hole and all..

Frank is doing awesome.. he really enjoys his job and the people he works with which is very important.. especially for Frank.. if he doesn't like his job.. he tends to get.. I don't wanna say "depressed", but that's pretty much what it is.. and then the whole ora of the house is negative.. but for the past few months it's been bliss.. I am so happy that he is happy..

Me.. I'm going pretty great too.. I'm taking my last two classes and then I get my Associates degree in Business.. it's been a very long time coming.. the semester ends May 10 and I just can NOT wait!!!!!! This will be the first summer since high school that I won't be working or taking classes.. well.. I will still be working for Carmen.. but that's only 8hrs a week and it's so lax.. that it doesn't even really count.. I can't wait to have my children 24/7... open our pool.. send them outside.. bike rides.. sprayground.. boardwalk.. beach..

I'll basically have all of May and June to prepare for what we are going to do.. awesome..

I better get to studying though.. I have a Unit Exam in 2 days and I haven't even opened my book yet.. eek!

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