Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeannette's Stir Fry

My friend Jeannette is such an amazing cook and baker.. and other things.. of course ;)

So last Thursday I was at her house in the morning for coffee and gossip.. and at like 11am she's like "I'm hungry, I'm ganna cook something." I am not a cooker, except for a few times a week I'll make dinner.. but this girl whips out all kinds of ingredients and starts going to town making what she calls a "stir fry" but it wasn't like any stir fry I've ever had.

It was seriously amazing! and that was just her lunch. I decided we should start a Thursday cooking class type thing.. every Thursday we'll get together.. she can show me how to cook something.. and we'll make enough of it to feed both our families..

This way we get to hang out, our little ones get to play, and dinner's done by noon.. oh and I get a free cooking lesson! I figured we could alternate houses and costs.. Today is our first day and she's going to show me how to make chicken enchiladas.. I love Mexican food!

She actually did the shopping since I didn't know what to get and bc she had to run out.. but I'm paying, and we were supposed to do it here, but she asked me to go there instead.. lol..

Next week we're ganna do a veggie lasagna.. I think.. that was originally today's meal, but somehow (thank you GOD) it got switched to chicken enchiladas..

Oh.. and the stir fry went like this:

drizzle olive oil in a big ol pan
add chunks of chicken breast
salt and pepper
add a squash or zucchini
a pepper
a sm sweet potato
broccoli slaw (in a bag like cole slaw except it's shredded broccoli instead)
drizzle in some honey
soy sauce
a very light sprinkle of cumin
towards the end throw in a handful of spinach for extra fiber

I like mine without a grain, Jeannette prefers hers with quinoa or brown rice


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