Sunday, March 20, 2011

I did something tonight that I swore I'd never do...........

I did my son's book report for him. GASP!!

I teach my kids to be very independent. They walk instead of being carried 90% of the time.. the snacks are located in a convenient spot for them.. they are allowed to climb onto the counters to get something they can't reach.. I make let them get dressed on their own, do their socks, shoes, coats, etc.

Obviously they need to be able to do these things, but my age guidelines seem to differ than most.. but whatever.. call it laziness on my part.. which it definitely is! But I think it's good for them too!

My kids pick up after themselves, make healthy food choices - I may not get the snacks, but I approve them all, and after getting snapped at for trying to eat crap before breakfast enough times, they learn to not even bother asking. They put their clothes away, help me with laundry, take out the trash, get the mail..

Ok, this is starting to sound like I slave my babies.. ha! I don't.. they have plenty of kid time.. but I'll be damned if I'm going to do all the chores.. especially when 70% of MY chores is due to THEIR messes..

But anywho.. where was I going with this post??

Oh yeah, the book report.. yeah so.. another thing about me is I bribe.. Gavin if you watch the baby until my friend leaves, I'll help you with your book report tomorrow.. talk about carrot dangling in front of the horse! He caved of course!

So then today WEEEEE attempted to do his book report and I just could NOT handle him touching it. We built a dog out of brown Legos and he had one vision and I another.. I made him do it my way.. then it was one of those shoe box things.. yeah, I sent him outside while I wrapped it in construction paper.. he asked if he could cut.. and I said no.

He drew a house.. and I told him "Let me try." and of course mine was better so we used that one instead.. in the end.. it's all my work.. I hate being that mom.. I swore I'd never do it.. and I probably won't ever again..

I'm better off at making letting him do his thing.. me telling him what doesn't look so great and to change it making suggestions and then having it be HIS handiwork in the end..

Yeah, I feel bad.. Bad for stealing his thunder.. even though he waited until the final weekend and wasn't interested in doing it all until I took charge.. *did I really just defend my actions?! ugh*

And bad for cheating! I hope the teachers don't realize that the sentences (yeah, did those too) don't sound like him (even though I tried to sound like him).. My dad used to help me all the time.. parents are allowed to help, right? I should've just let Gavin have more say.. even though it wouldn't have been as cool.. KIDDING!

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