Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Bored

But that's always much better than being busy!

I have a post (for school) due tonight.. I didn't even read the chapter yet.. I really shouldn't go to spin at 7pm.. but it's my favorite instructor.. and it'll make me feel so much better about having two plates of fettuccine alfredo tonight. ha! I love sweating.. getting all them toxins out.. but the responsible thing to do is my school..

But I already know I'm going to spin and then I'll stay up doing my school work.. *sigh*

I go to work tomorrow.. just don't tell the IRS that.. although I only work 8 hours a week.. so I may not even have to report that.. yeah, we'll go with that one..

I like going to work.. my boss is so excellent.. so polite.. when he asks me to do something he's so "Whenever you get the chance, no rush." He's an almost 74 year old sweety..

Dinners done.. dishes are done.. laundry finally got tackled.. *deep sigh of relief*

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