Friday, March 4, 2011

Exam Anxiety Eek

Studying for my Unit 2 exam tomorrow morning.. I have a gazillion index cards to study.. but in two hours I managed to get half way through them! Talk about a confident booster. Gavin's school called this morning to say his school was closed because of a gas leak.. so he is home today - saving my life by watching Ethan.. I told him he could have video games and tv tonight for helping out.. hopefully Ethan stays quiet for him..

I am still nervous about my exam even though I am doing pretty well with the vocab words.. After I memorize the other 50 cards.. I need to study about 20 charts.. and some other tid bits of info.. but I'll get it done..

I set my alarm for 5am and went to spin class at 5:45 this morning.. I felt amazing until I came home and ate like a piggy.. I had a cup of dry quaker oatmeal squares, a fiber plus bar, 2 blueberry poptarts (slightly toasted.. mmmm!!!) and two whole wheat waffles.. and that was all before 10:30 am! LOL oink oink..

It's my nerves! It really is.. when I get anxious I have to chew.. and not just gum.. I need to rip stuff to shreds with my pearly whites.. ha! Eating totally calms me like a cigarette..

I'm working on it.. but at least it was all healthy.. minus the pop tarts..

Ok.. guess I better get back to studying.. so I can be done at 2:30 when I gotta Ayden.. this was when he comes home he and Gavin can totally chill all day and night.. and I'll burn some of these calories off by cleaning my filthy house.. it really is filthy too..

I gotta:

Dust the whole house
Sweep downstairs
Mop downstairs
Tackle the laundry
Lysol all my quirks
Wipe down the baseboards, walls, doors LOL seriously though.. Ethan touches everything with his chocolate/yogurt/whoknowswhat covered hands
Clean the bathroom
Go through the cabinets in the bathroom (I buy several bottles of toothpaste or shampoo at a time.. then store it above the shower.. and then forget what I have and buy more.. I really need to use what I got first.. ya know.. cause my bank account has like $2.00 in it)

But okay.. I am TOTALLY spazzy right now with my thoughts.. soooo.. lemme get back to studying.. ta ta

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