Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dearest Nicole

Super quick post because my battery is lowww and my kid needs breakfast.. but in the event I ever get in a month long rut again.. here is a motivational pep talk to myself.. (so long as the next bout is just as insignificant even thoooo it never seems that way at the time)

Dearest Nicole..
Wow you look great today! ; )
Not feeling so great eh?? Wanna curl up on the couch and just wallow?? Or eat your brains so that you can temporarily escape the blues?? None of it will make you feel better.. but you know that..

You need to make a short list of ToDos and knock em out.. cause accomplishing something is a sure fire way to get the endorphins partying again.. then take a nice long hot shower.. even if you have to bring Ethan in the bathroom with you.. get dressed.. put on make up.. meditate.. go for a walk.. take the boys somewhere..

Just don't encourage the blues.. and if it's Frank your bummed about.. don't think about the details too much.. you know that man loves you.. even if he's acting a bit selfish or rude of the late.. not saying to let it go completely.. I'm definitely not a fan of "sweep it under the rug." but.. voice your side.. and let it go.. because in the end.. you are wasting moments..

Why be unhappy now.. when you know you are ganna make up.. because (a) you deserve to be happy and (b) he deserves to be forgiven.. just like you do..

Hope that helps.. and if nothing else.. eat super light for 2 or 3 three days and then go shopping!! You could definitely use a few new items.. did I mention not to skip spin? in fact.. go to the gym on your off days as well.. positive energy girl!! Fake it till ya make it..

Ta ta
PS Shelby Girl needs loving.. take that doggy to a park and watch her run around with the kids..

Your biggest fan

PPS Your life rocks!! Your kids may not listen all the time.. or ever.. but they have kind hearts.. and your house may be old.. but it's yours.. and it's a good start.. oh or write to Yared and Theresia.. they have far less than you and they are thankful.. just like you need to be.. listen to God, not Satan..

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