Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Blues

Totally hating Frank right now.. okay "hate" is a disgusting word and probably not my true feelings, but anything less evil just doesn't seem appropriate.. He didn't buy me anything for my birthday on Tuesday.. I am so sad about it.. I am not a gift girl.. but on my BIRTHDAY?! He took me out to lunch with the fellas the Sunday beforehand.. which he said was my gift from the boys.. which was fine.. I mean the baby was a nightmare and I didn't really enjoy it (or my meal) but that's besides the point.. it was a nice gift from the boys.. he got me some ugly Under Armor shirt.. which (a) was ugly (b) didn't fit (c) I told him I didn't want and (d) he even said himself it wasn't a real gift, just something little.. oh and (e) he didn't wrap it.. he bought it online and it came the day after my birthday.. did I mention he asked me if I wanted Under Armor gear and I told him "No."???

Then sutten else happened that ticked me off.. but for his privacy I won't go in to specifics..

Annnnd he went and got a tattoo that I hate.. when we first met we got our names tattooed (met in Sept 2001, got name tattoos in Nov 2001, married Dec 2001) on each others stomachs.. in Old English letters arched above our belly buttons.. like how Tommy Lee has "Mayhem" except not that big.. but big enough.. well he went and got two big skulls and a star above my name and two huge roses underneath it.. but the new tattoos are huge and they touch my name.. nothing covered it.. but still.. totally takes away from my name.. and ruined the whole matching tattoos thing.. he wants to say he didn't know I'd be so upset.. that the roses were for me.. blah blah blah..

I wanna punch him in the face..

He's trying to be all nice.. but I just can't stand him right now.. his thing is that he's like I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't think about it.. about your feelings.. and my whole thing is HE DIDN'T THINK ABOUT MY FEELINGS! I'm sad.. whaaahh!! lol

Whatever though.. shit fer brains.. I'll get over it.. I don't really hate him.. I just hate that he didn't profess his undying love me by getting balloons and something super great for my birthday and then go get my name tattooed on him a few more times ; )

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