Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeannette's Stir Fry

My friend Jeannette is such an amazing cook and baker.. and other things.. of course ;)

So last Thursday I was at her house in the morning for coffee and gossip.. and at like 11am she's like "I'm hungry, I'm ganna cook something." I am not a cooker, except for a few times a week I'll make dinner.. but this girl whips out all kinds of ingredients and starts going to town making what she calls a "stir fry" but it wasn't like any stir fry I've ever had.

It was seriously amazing! and that was just her lunch. I decided we should start a Thursday cooking class type thing.. every Thursday we'll get together.. she can show me how to cook something.. and we'll make enough of it to feed both our families..

This way we get to hang out, our little ones get to play, and dinner's done by noon.. oh and I get a free cooking lesson! I figured we could alternate houses and costs.. Today is our first day and she's going to show me how to make chicken enchiladas.. I love Mexican food!

She actually did the shopping since I didn't know what to get and bc she had to run out.. but I'm paying, and we were supposed to do it here, but she asked me to go there instead.. lol..

Next week we're ganna do a veggie lasagna.. I think.. that was originally today's meal, but somehow (thank you GOD) it got switched to chicken enchiladas..

Oh.. and the stir fry went like this:

drizzle olive oil in a big ol pan
add chunks of chicken breast
salt and pepper
add a squash or zucchini
a pepper
a sm sweet potato
broccoli slaw (in a bag like cole slaw except it's shredded broccoli instead)
drizzle in some honey
soy sauce
a very light sprinkle of cumin
towards the end throw in a handful of spinach for extra fiber

I like mine without a grain, Jeannette prefers hers with quinoa or brown rice


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dearest Nicole

Super quick post because my battery is lowww and my kid needs breakfast.. but in the event I ever get in a month long rut again.. here is a motivational pep talk to myself.. (so long as the next bout is just as insignificant even thoooo it never seems that way at the time)

Dearest Nicole..
Wow you look great today! ; )
Not feeling so great eh?? Wanna curl up on the couch and just wallow?? Or eat your brains so that you can temporarily escape the blues?? None of it will make you feel better.. but you know that..

You need to make a short list of ToDos and knock em out.. cause accomplishing something is a sure fire way to get the endorphins partying again.. then take a nice long hot shower.. even if you have to bring Ethan in the bathroom with you.. get dressed.. put on make up.. meditate.. go for a walk.. take the boys somewhere..

Just don't encourage the blues.. and if it's Frank your bummed about.. don't think about the details too much.. you know that man loves you.. even if he's acting a bit selfish or rude of the late.. not saying to let it go completely.. I'm definitely not a fan of "sweep it under the rug." but.. voice your side.. and let it go.. because in the end.. you are wasting moments..

Why be unhappy now.. when you know you are ganna make up.. because (a) you deserve to be happy and (b) he deserves to be forgiven.. just like you do..

Hope that helps.. and if nothing else.. eat super light for 2 or 3 three days and then go shopping!! You could definitely use a few new items.. did I mention not to skip spin? in fact.. go to the gym on your off days as well.. positive energy girl!! Fake it till ya make it..

Ta ta
PS Shelby Girl needs loving.. take that doggy to a park and watch her run around with the kids..

Your biggest fan

PPS Your life rocks!! Your kids may not listen all the time.. or ever.. but they have kind hearts.. and your house may be old.. but it's yours.. and it's a good start.. oh or write to Yared and Theresia.. they have far less than you and they are thankful.. just like you need to be.. listen to God, not Satan..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Positive Energy

My Ayden getting an award at school last month for.. oh my goodness I forget! Bad mommy! It was something to do with kindness as opposed to being for academics.. I think.. but it really doesn't matter what the title says.. he got it cause he's SUPER!! I took the boys bowling on Sunday.. sooo much fun.. my bowling friend behind the counter was like 3 games each? as she was punching in my order.. I'm like NOOOOOO!!! One game each.. yeesh! I'm brave, but not stupid.. one game was perfect for all of us. I'm sure the older two could've played another, but we'll go again.. Frank stayed home.. but ended up coming there and surprising us.. in the tenth frame.. but it was okay.. me and the boys had a blast! I couldn't believe how well Ethan behaved.. I was prepared for a little running around.. running up to bowl when it wasn't his turn.. typical stuff that the other two did at 2 years old.. but oh man.. he sat in his seat calm as a cucumber so long as I let him hold his lime green ball..

"Mama I go?"

"Nooo, it's Gavin's turn."

"Ohhh I go next?"

"Yes baby, you're next."

pretty much every time he wasn't bowling, that was our conversation. lol.. so cute!!

Soo happy I took them even though I was still feeling kinda blah at the time.. I even said to Frank that I was purposefully taking them to make me feel like a good mom.. because if I just let the weeks go by without doing something extra fun with them I start to beat myself up.. this was a win-win for all.. especially since Frank ended up coming but because he showed up as we were finishing.. we all went for ice cream afterwards to fill up his I'm a good daddy quota..

Did I mention I'm in a better, no better than better mood.. I had a long talk with myself and pretty much concluded that I know the man loves me.. and even though he wasn't professing his love in airplane cloud smoke or getting my name tattooed all over his body doing what I had hoped.. I hat to let it go.. I hadn't quite gotten to the point that I HAD let it go.. but I was putting forth great mental effort to make it happen later today.. then.. *knock knock* I'm not really a flower person.. but knowing that he put forth the effort to do something extra to brighten my day released the last bit of negativity within me..

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Bored

But that's always much better than being busy!

I have a post (for school) due tonight.. I didn't even read the chapter yet.. I really shouldn't go to spin at 7pm.. but it's my favorite instructor.. and it'll make me feel so much better about having two plates of fettuccine alfredo tonight. ha! I love sweating.. getting all them toxins out.. but the responsible thing to do is my school..

But I already know I'm going to spin and then I'll stay up doing my school work.. *sigh*

I go to work tomorrow.. just don't tell the IRS that.. although I only work 8 hours a week.. so I may not even have to report that.. yeah, we'll go with that one..

I like going to work.. my boss is so excellent.. so polite.. when he asks me to do something he's so "Whenever you get the chance, no rush." He's an almost 74 year old sweety..

Dinners done.. dishes are done.. laundry finally got tackled.. *deep sigh of relief*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I did something tonight that I swore I'd never do...........

I did my son's book report for him. GASP!!

I teach my kids to be very independent. They walk instead of being carried 90% of the time.. the snacks are located in a convenient spot for them.. they are allowed to climb onto the counters to get something they can't reach.. I make let them get dressed on their own, do their socks, shoes, coats, etc.

Obviously they need to be able to do these things, but my age guidelines seem to differ than most.. but whatever.. call it laziness on my part.. which it definitely is! But I think it's good for them too!

My kids pick up after themselves, make healthy food choices - I may not get the snacks, but I approve them all, and after getting snapped at for trying to eat crap before breakfast enough times, they learn to not even bother asking. They put their clothes away, help me with laundry, take out the trash, get the mail..

Ok, this is starting to sound like I slave my babies.. ha! I don't.. they have plenty of kid time.. but I'll be damned if I'm going to do all the chores.. especially when 70% of MY chores is due to THEIR messes..

But anywho.. where was I going with this post??

Oh yeah, the book report.. yeah so.. another thing about me is I bribe.. Gavin if you watch the baby until my friend leaves, I'll help you with your book report tomorrow.. talk about carrot dangling in front of the horse! He caved of course!

So then today WEEEEE attempted to do his book report and I just could NOT handle him touching it. We built a dog out of brown Legos and he had one vision and I another.. I made him do it my way.. then it was one of those shoe box things.. yeah, I sent him outside while I wrapped it in construction paper.. he asked if he could cut.. and I said no.

He drew a house.. and I told him "Let me try." and of course mine was better so we used that one instead.. in the end.. it's all my work.. I hate being that mom.. I swore I'd never do it.. and I probably won't ever again..

I'm better off at making letting him do his thing.. me telling him what doesn't look so great and to change it making suggestions and then having it be HIS handiwork in the end..

Yeah, I feel bad.. Bad for stealing his thunder.. even though he waited until the final weekend and wasn't interested in doing it all until I took charge.. *did I really just defend my actions?! ugh*

And bad for cheating! I hope the teachers don't realize that the sentences (yeah, did those too) don't sound like him (even though I tried to sound like him).. My dad used to help me all the time.. parents are allowed to help, right? I should've just let Gavin have more say.. even though it wouldn't have been as cool.. KIDDING!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Blues

Totally hating Frank right now.. okay "hate" is a disgusting word and probably not my true feelings, but anything less evil just doesn't seem appropriate.. He didn't buy me anything for my birthday on Tuesday.. I am so sad about it.. I am not a gift girl.. but on my BIRTHDAY?! He took me out to lunch with the fellas the Sunday beforehand.. which he said was my gift from the boys.. which was fine.. I mean the baby was a nightmare and I didn't really enjoy it (or my meal) but that's besides the point.. it was a nice gift from the boys.. he got me some ugly Under Armor shirt.. which (a) was ugly (b) didn't fit (c) I told him I didn't want and (d) he even said himself it wasn't a real gift, just something little.. oh and (e) he didn't wrap it.. he bought it online and it came the day after my birthday.. did I mention he asked me if I wanted Under Armor gear and I told him "No."???

Then sutten else happened that ticked me off.. but for his privacy I won't go in to specifics..

Annnnd he went and got a tattoo that I hate.. when we first met we got our names tattooed (met in Sept 2001, got name tattoos in Nov 2001, married Dec 2001) on each others stomachs.. in Old English letters arched above our belly buttons.. like how Tommy Lee has "Mayhem" except not that big.. but big enough.. well he went and got two big skulls and a star above my name and two huge roses underneath it.. but the new tattoos are huge and they touch my name.. nothing covered it.. but still.. totally takes away from my name.. and ruined the whole matching tattoos thing.. he wants to say he didn't know I'd be so upset.. that the roses were for me.. blah blah blah..

I wanna punch him in the face..

He's trying to be all nice.. but I just can't stand him right now.. his thing is that he's like I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't think about it.. about your feelings.. and my whole thing is HE DIDN'T THINK ABOUT MY FEELINGS! I'm sad.. whaaahh!! lol

Whatever though.. shit fer brains.. I'll get over it.. I don't really hate him.. I just hate that he didn't profess his undying love me by getting balloons and something super great for my birthday and then go get my name tattooed on him a few more times ; )

Friday, March 4, 2011

Exam Anxiety Eek

Studying for my Unit 2 exam tomorrow morning.. I have a gazillion index cards to study.. but in two hours I managed to get half way through them! Talk about a confident booster. Gavin's school called this morning to say his school was closed because of a gas leak.. so he is home today - saving my life by watching Ethan.. I told him he could have video games and tv tonight for helping out.. hopefully Ethan stays quiet for him..

I am still nervous about my exam even though I am doing pretty well with the vocab words.. After I memorize the other 50 cards.. I need to study about 20 charts.. and some other tid bits of info.. but I'll get it done..

I set my alarm for 5am and went to spin class at 5:45 this morning.. I felt amazing until I came home and ate like a piggy.. I had a cup of dry quaker oatmeal squares, a fiber plus bar, 2 blueberry poptarts (slightly toasted.. mmmm!!!) and two whole wheat waffles.. and that was all before 10:30 am! LOL oink oink..

It's my nerves! It really is.. when I get anxious I have to chew.. and not just gum.. I need to rip stuff to shreds with my pearly whites.. ha! Eating totally calms me like a cigarette..

I'm working on it.. but at least it was all healthy.. minus the pop tarts..

Ok.. guess I better get back to studying.. so I can be done at 2:30 when I gotta Ayden.. this was when he comes home he and Gavin can totally chill all day and night.. and I'll burn some of these calories off by cleaning my filthy house.. it really is filthy too..

I gotta:

Dust the whole house
Sweep downstairs
Mop downstairs
Tackle the laundry
Lysol all my quirks
Wipe down the baseboards, walls, doors LOL seriously though.. Ethan touches everything with his chocolate/yogurt/whoknowswhat covered hands
Clean the bathroom
Go through the cabinets in the bathroom (I buy several bottles of toothpaste or shampoo at a time.. then store it above the shower.. and then forget what I have and buy more.. I really need to use what I got first.. ya know.. cause my bank account has like $2.00 in it)

But okay.. I am TOTALLY spazzy right now with my thoughts.. soooo.. lemme get back to studying.. ta ta

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life Recap

Where we are today...

Gavin is doing much better in school.. he currently has a B in Math.. he's one point away from a B in Science.. he has a C in Language Arts.. and an F in Social Studies.. but aside from Science, nothing has been updated since Feb 10th ish.. and I think once all those grades get entered.. his grades will be even better.. *fingers crossed*

Gavin is growing up so fast.. He's up to my nose already.. maybe even my eyebrows.. lol..

He still has such a great heart.. everyday after school we just sit and talk.. I absolute love it! Gavin is still in little kid mode though.. which I wouldn't have any other way!!! He hasn't hit the I'm-too-cool for this or that stage.. I wish I could keep all my kids at this stage forever.. They are old enough to be left at home (Gavin's age, I mean).. they are totally independent as far as showering, flossing, feeding themselves snack, etc.. yet they are still little kids.. safe and sound under my watchful eye all day.. LOL

Ayden got all Gs in school.. which is the highest he could get so we tell him he got straight As.. he's a smarty pants for sure.. he is very independent.. he is totally content being left alone and doing his own thing.. I seem to spend the least amount of time with Ayden.. the baby requires so much attention.. and then Gavin is about to hit a very venerable stage where his peers play such a large role that I am constantly giving him talks about drugs and drinking.. and then with his grades being so poor lately, I've been talking to him about his future..

I make sure Ayden gets extra hugs and kisses because that is definitely his love language.. he is content being alone for an hour or so, but then he wants physical love and to be told we missed him.. hehe.. so cute.. I think when Ayden turns 8ish he and I will have special talks like me and Gavin too.. it's that age that they get so curious.. it's as if parents are the internet.. the children just spew off question after question (googling) and we answer them.. I love being the #1 source of information for my kids.. they are like sponges..

Ethan is still a handful.. but it's certainly easier than when he was younger.. I know he's safe for the most part.. I can't wait for another year or two when he'll be less inclined to do dangerous things.. I joined the gym a few months ago and Ethan loved the "play room" there.. but then out of nowhere he got freaked and now wants nothing to do with it.. unless I bring the other two.. I don't think anything happened.. it just got old and he realized that I was leaving him.. which sorta stinks because going in the morning is so much more convenient for me than taking all 3 after dinner.. but whatever.. I just hope he is okay going to preK next year..

Ethan is a smarty pants like his brothers.. he speaks in full sentences and amazes all of us with what he understands.. bossy little thing too.. if he has to go potty or get a fork.. he'll tell whoever is in the room "No touch my pancakes." as he leaves the table.. or "No touch my toys." The other day he was building blocks and was like "Ma come! I build a bird house!" I didn't even know he knew what a bird house was.. let alone he really did build one.. with a hole and all..

Frank is doing awesome.. he really enjoys his job and the people he works with which is very important.. especially for Frank.. if he doesn't like his job.. he tends to get.. I don't wanna say "depressed", but that's pretty much what it is.. and then the whole ora of the house is negative.. but for the past few months it's been bliss.. I am so happy that he is happy..

Me.. I'm going pretty great too.. I'm taking my last two classes and then I get my Associates degree in Business.. it's been a very long time coming.. the semester ends May 10 and I just can NOT wait!!!!!! This will be the first summer since high school that I won't be working or taking classes.. well.. I will still be working for Carmen.. but that's only 8hrs a week and it's so lax.. that it doesn't even really count.. I can't wait to have my children 24/7... open our pool.. send them outside.. bike rides.. sprayground.. boardwalk.. beach..

I'll basically have all of May and June to prepare for what we are going to do.. awesome..

I better get to studying though.. I have a Unit Exam in 2 days and I haven't even opened my book yet.. eek!