Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time to Revamp the Soul

My house is a mess
I should clean it up
I'd feel so much better
Ate like a pig today
Went food shopping on an empty tummy
Caved to candy at the register
And ate even more when I got home
I NEED a detox
I need motivation
I need will power
I need to pray more
I need to meditate more
Been going to spin class couple of times of week
Makes me feel amazing!
Been not letting the boys get away with being brats
Should've done that years ago
I don't set things up for them enough
They have too much free time
Which equals plenty of time for trouble!
I've got to get my mind in the right place
Stop being so lazy
What happened to me?
I was always on the go go go!
I do like being less stressed and more relaxed
My goal is to relax AFTER my chores are done
That. would. be. BLISS.
Wonder if I will ever become the girl I feel I was meant to be
The thin, firm, yoga, meditator, calm speaker, peaceful person.
I need a body, mind, and soul detox.

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