Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playroom Tears & Under Armor Mishaps

Frank was supposed to get a tattoo worked on today.. and the guy cancelled..

I was supposed to go to dinner with some friends.. and it just got cancelled too..

Which means.. Frank's a bit richer.. and I don't have to get dressed today ; )

Frank took Ayden to Marshalls to get him some new kicks.. and maybe some Under Armor if they have some on clearance.. speaking of.. Frank ordered himself an UA shirt off ebay and after 10 days it finally came.. except instead of being a Lg mens shirt.. it was a Sm womans shorts.. haha.. Later on in the day I was like "Soooo whatcha gettin me for my birthday?" (march 8th) and he goes "Under Armor." as if that was my present.. ha! Reminds me of the Simpsons when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball that said Homer on it.. or was that The Flintstones?!?!? maybe it was both..

Guess I should get off my butt and straighten up.. and do laundry.. went to the gym this morning.. Ethan wouldn't let me leave him last Thursday so I missed spin class.. so I figured I'd take him this morning when I didn't have a class to miss to see how he did after all my pep talks about being a good boy and letting mama go to the gym and bribing him with chocolate covered marshmallows for breakfast blah blah blah..

he cried.. but after we played and did a puzzle I said I'd be right back and left.. I watched him from the TV upstairs until he stopped crying a few minutes later..

I ran 20 minutes on the tread.. 7.0 speed for 1.5 miles.. then 5 incline for a lap.. then sprinted at a 9 for the last 1/4 lap..

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  1. My other mommy friends always tell me it's not "bribing" it's positive reinforcement. ha!

    I know I always feel better after I exercise. Good for you!