Monday, February 21, 2011

Morning cleanses my soul... I truly, whole-heartedly LOVE what morning does for me.. especially when I set my alarm so I can wake up before the boys and enjoy dark silence.. no lights on.. no tvs.. no.. nothing.. it is bliss...

I feel rejuvenated.. like I can do anything.. like I could be whoever I want to be.. and I can! That's the best part.. I could make today the day that I stop being so impatient.. and controlling.. and lazy.. or I could make today be the day that I choose to not walk in God's shadow and instead do things that I am certain will make me feel sad.. and guilty..

Morning is my fork in the road.. and today I choose to put my ALL into following God's way.


On a completely different note.. I have to catch up on a few stories I want to always remember.. and putting them off until "tomorrow" is not what I plan to do.. again..

St. Valentine's Day was wonderful.. no fancy dinner.. just extra special lovings.. and poems.. and ridiculously overpriced fruit..

I have straight up told hinted at Frank to buy me an Edible Delights fruit in the shape of flowers thingamajig for years now quite some time.. and he hasn't ever gotten me it.. so when he asked me this year "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" I told him exactly what I wanted.
And he got me it.. even thought it was $ 120.00 astronomically overpriced.. We were dying laughing over the insaneness of it all as the five of us chowed down on it.. I started breaking it all down aloud, but Frank's stomach couldn't handle it.. LOL..

Here's what I figure was included:

1 melon, 1 cantaloupe, 2 bananas, 1/2 pineapple, 25 grapes, and 1 apple

I could get that and the chocolate for a 6th of what he paid.. *sigh* Never again.. thank you Frank for thinking I'm worth it.. and thank you for making me no longer ever want that again.

$7.00 daisies at the grocery store and cream filled chocolates suit me JUST FINE!!



Ask demand and throw a fit for pasta at 7am and ye shall receive.

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