Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love for my men

I have four a few mimosas in me.. feeling quite loved.. and bored.. ha! So I thought I'd express the love I have for the four fellas in my life..

Gavin - you are so wonderful! You come home from school every day and hover around me.. you don't want to do anything except follow me around.. asking me how my day went.. and telling me about yours.. I absolutely LOVE that you do this. When you all are grown.. and I look back on the things I miss.. this will certainly be one of my fondest memories.. hands down.. thank you for loving me so much..

You may be failing school at the moment.. but maybe it was meant to be.. I was planning on transfering you and Ayden to a new school next year.. and because of your grades I started second guessing myself and picking the brains of everyone I talk to.. to the point where I think our public school district may not be so bad after all.. maybe it was meant to be.. or maybe I'm just a few sheets to the wind


Dearest Ayden,

I am thinking that we need to hang out more.. alone, just me and you.. I know we went to the movies last night (Gnomio & Juliet) but that doesn't really count since we didn't talk too much.. I want to spend more time talking and listening to you.. you don't seem to want to hang out with me like Gavin does.. but maybe I'll lure you in with some super fun arts & crafts.. ; ) I know you love them..

I can't wait for the summer so we can all be together all day every day!

You got the highest marks possible on your report card this marking period - hence movie night.. and your teacher says that you are very kind and very smart.. I love you so much Ayden.. you are such an awesome kid!


Ethan Ethan Ethan.. you are such a mama's boy.. you want to "Sit lap Mama?" all day long.. well, other than when you are being a sneaky little monster.. ; ) You have started to talk SO MUCH lately.. you have been saying words for a while now.. but you've moved on to sentences and it just seemed to come out of left field! I love that you are getting bigger, but at the same time, I wish you'd stay little for ever!! I can't wait to see you evolve even more.. love you my baby..


Frankie Frankie.. my Luos for Life.. oh babe.. I just love you so much.. thank you for being willing to sacrifice so much.. you have changed so much of who you were.. to better suit the needs of the family.. and the results have so been worth it!! Thank you for sending me sweet loving texts every day for the past ten years.. they saturate me with love.. we ran off and eloped without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into.. and luckily it was the Lord's plan and it all worked out.. I love you more than I thought was possible! Thank you for all your sacrifices.. you will always be my Luos.. the one and only..


Dear dad.. since I'm giving shout outs to the men in my life.. let me give you one as well.. growing up you were my #1 hero.. the one and only.. even after I married Frank.. you were the #1 guy in my life.. eventually that changed, but I know you are glad it did.. I hope you are looking down on me and the boys.. I hope you see how well Frank is taking care of us.. I hope I make you proud Seeds.. I may not talk to you often.. but that doesn't mean I don't think about you often! I wonder what it's like on the other side.. I hope you are in heaven.. or on your way.. and I will do everything in my powers to meet you there! Love you dad.. always & forever..

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