Monday, February 7, 2011

Healthy & Yummy???

Oh my goodness gracious!!!!!!!

Do you LOVE those Girl Scout cookies Samoas???

I do.. I actually just placed an order the other day (2 boxes of those and 1 of the mints.. yummmmm!)

Anywho.. I just ran to Foodtown with Ethan and I was looking for healthier snacks - I've been eating really well for almost a week now and I feel so awesome.. I usually eat because I'm bored or stressed.. I never ever get to actually feeling hungry.. I often eat just because I LOVE food so much! And I've been trying to not let food be something I think about more than GOD and it totally has been for many many years..

So this past week I have been in control and loving it..

So I'm in the snack isle gettin Gavin the Pop Tarts he recently asked me for.. when I see:

I've had Fiber Plus bars plenty of times before.. they def make ya poop and they really do taste yummy.. but THESE?!?!?!?! Caramel Coconut Fudge?????? I immediately thought of Samoas.. but was a little skeptical.. I am not kidding they taste sooooooooo unbelievable similar.. I ate two because they are so yummy and I couldn't resist to get even more fiber..

Yeah so I thought what if Kingdom Mama or that cute photographer with the red hair and herd of children (hehe.. can't think of your name right now.. sorry.. I'm horrible with names.. I know the hubs is Joe.. and ok.. let me really show my ADD and totally skip topics and see if I can name all your kiddos.. LOL.. Ayana.. Roman.. Oxton.. Sailor.. sugar.. what are the other two.. Kiesha? nooo.. ok.. anywho..)

I was thinking what if they knew of super healthy foods that are super yummy.. so I'm sharing in hopes that you guys or anyone else knows of some healthy food that tastes like, i don't know.. fudge or sutten.. ; )

And I didn't forget about you my OH friend.. who is married to her HSSH.. and has a herd of her own.. but I can't place your name at the moment either.. but I know you love Top Tens!! hehe.. WAIT.. I got it - ABBY!!!!!!! and noooo I didn't peek.. I just thought of your email addy..

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