Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feeling Blah

Pardon the Bi-Polar-ness of my mind.. I've been "diagnosed" by my father (truck driver NOT dr.. and a captain I had in the Army.. no wait.. he thought I had Grave's disease.. however you spell it.. and he wasn't a dr either) um, so yeah.. ha!

I am a complete mess lately right now.. I had a few really good weeks.. I was chill.. not pigging out all day every day.. I wasn't getting bothered by the normal things that kids do.. it was so nice!! Then two weeks ago I just fell back into my old ways.. eating like I wasn't going to see food ever again.. screaming at the kids like an absolute lunatic.. I gave them all spankings instead of taking things away or giving them chores like I'd much rather.. then because of these actions I am drowning in guilt and failure-ness..

It totally sucks ass..

I need a mind, body, and soul detox.. I really do.

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  1. Hey girl. Sometimes it's the guilt we put on ourselves that eats us up more than anything else. God loves you and forgives. Your family loves you and forgives. Everyday is a brand new day and a chance to start over. :):)