Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ethan playing upstairs

Nightmare On Elm Street right now.. my street being Elm!.. which it isn't but I'm not going to put what it's really called.. I mean with ALL my followers.. someone would be knocking my door down any moment.. oh wait.. Ethan already did that today!!!!!

Ya wanna know what else the monster Ethan did today?

Took Gavin's volcano lamp and dumped all the water out - onto Gavin's bed! Awesome.. now I have to wash a comforter, towels, and sheet.. in addition to all the chores I am supposed to get today.. which I haven't even begun.. because I been on the couch all day..

BUT in my defense.. I've been successfully researching the NJ ASK test and found sample tests listing all the material to be covered.. I then saved the information and emailed it to my local Staples store for them to print off for me. SCORE!

But yeah, back to my nightmare... he took the boys' dirty hamper and scattered all the dirty clothes all over the boys' room.. then flipped the hamper upside down and used it to reach Gavin's top shelf which is where he keeps all his prized possessions.. the shelf is now empty. eek.

He went into my room even though I shut my door and told him not to.. he ate some candy left over from St. Valentine's Day.. and opened up a pack of stickers and foam pads my mom bought for all three boys..

So I then LOCKED my door and closed it.. it's one of those locks that can be opened by anything like a flathead screwdriver.. well, when I went to check on him ten minutes later.. my door was open.. I thought he figured out how to unlock it.. nope.. he just friggen busted it open!

Now my bedroom door won't even close, let alone lock.. awesome!!

He got butt naked.. but that's really nothing too out of the ordinary for him..

Ugh.. what a nightmare..


Totally ate a gazillion calories today too.. I have a unit exam due tonight.. so I'm kinda stressed over that.. I don't know.. I am feeling very discombobulated today.. I should've went to spin class.. it would've woken my butt up (I'm still in my glasses and PJs) I most likely would not have eaten all the crap I did.. and I would be up and motivated to get my chores done.. instead of sitting here in this messy messy house..

But lemme stop whining and get my butt up and cleaning.. even though I just wanna sit here and do nothing.. hmph!

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