Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I can't sleep.. I have an interview tomorrow morning.. it's only part-time work, very part-time.. but still.. I want it.. and I want it to pay me well.. very well.. hehe

My plan is to enroll Ethan in the preK program next September.. then while the boys are at school.. my mom is going to get me a part time job with her old company with a bunch of women I've known for the past 20 years.. that job is going to do two things: (1) replace my Army money that will run out around that time and (2) pay me better than what I was receiving from the Army whereby giving me the funds needed to send my older two boys to private school..

However, I will be just as broke as I am right now.. all the bills will be paid.. but there will be nothing going into our nonexistant savings account.. or out nonexistant vacation account.. or even the change jar for that matter..

But then out of the blue one of my old bosses emails me with a job offer for a friend of his.. I spoke with his friend today and he needs a bookkeeper.. but business is slow so the hours aren't too demanding.. in fact I told him I could do Tuesdays and maybe half a day Wednesday and he still set up an interview so.. I'm sure that works for him.. and my old boss, Hank, loves me so I know he pretty much sold me already.. his friend and I just need to settle on the pay.. EEK!!

How awkward!!!.... ugh.. totally not looking forward to it.. I hate asking for pay.. I feel bad for the other guy.. I'm like aww.. I want x amount of dollars, but I'll for x instead because you seem real nice..

But I'm not letting that girl out of her closet tomorrow.. no no no! She will be ducktaped and gagged.. only the confident, but sweet me will be present.. man oh man.. I hope it goes well.. and I hope my hours are enough.. what if he hires me for the pay I request.. but I'm not able to complete all the work in time?? .....................

No.. I must not go into stress mode.. working myself up sure is one thing I EXCEL at... but it's all in my mind..

Worse case.. it doesn't work out and he lets me go.. which I cannot imagine happening because I am a work horse by nature.. and a people pleaser.. and I will get the job done even if I must work extra hours.. it'll be fine..

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