Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I got the job!

Carmen, my new boss, seems super nice. It's a mom and pop joint that sells exercise equipment and it doesn't appear to be too busy so my new position as bookkeeper will likely be smooth sailing.. after I get use to and eliminate the current chaos.. like um.. the TYPEWRITER!!

What the friggity frack??!?!?!

But whatever.. I'll just recreate the invoices on Excel.. after he gets use to me and trusts me.. hopefully he'll let me do it in a month or so.. maybe sooner.. we'll test the waters and see..

His daughter was doing it all before me.. hopefully she's just as friendly.. since she'll be the one with all the information I need to learn..

Oh, I can't wait.. I love love LOVE staying home with my babies.. and I would not change it for anything.. but I am super excited to go use my skills and make some much needed money.. plus the baby will still be home in his environment.. my mom's ganna be here with him.. plus it's only ganna be 10 hours or so a week..

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