Friday, December 10, 2010

Catholic Education

Gavin starts 7th grade next year.. I mean.. I know he's only a few months into 6th grade.. but I'm a planner.. so I started looking into how much it will cost us to send him to a good high school.. oh my word.. I am SCARED!! We can afford it - $10,000 a year if we put every penny into it.. and that's with me getting a decent paying job while the kids are in school..

But then.. he's ganna be the poor kid.. we won't be able to afford the name brand clothes.. or new cars.. or vacations.. or anything else that defines a person's economic status.. which is fine by me.. but I don't want THEM to feel inferior to their peers..

I could totally avoid that.. if I keep them in our public school district.. but only because we'd be considered wealthy because we own instead of rent and own two cars instead of taking a cab.. but the school is SOOOOOOOO craptastic.. I mean trashy.. all schools have drugs.. but ours has junkies.. and lots of them.. mainly because their parents are junkies.. but let me know go there.. the point is.. I'm screwed..

Good education, but be the poor kid from the dirtbag town

or be a shining star in a filthy school that produces more jail birds than college grads - BY FAR!!!!

Not too tough of a decision.. but paying 10,000 for Gavin.. PLUS the other two's tuition.. omg.. I wanna puke..

I COULD work full time.. but that has too many negative aspects for me.. not seeing my kids.. them being as school for way too long.. and just the mood that that type of household has.. the working mom who grabs the kids at 5pm.. rushes home to start dinner.. then dishes.. while trying to knock out laundry.. too tired and too busy to sit and talk with the kids.. then its baths and bed.. I can't do it.. I did for a few years.. and it just doesn't work for our family..

I want to work though.. I can't wait.. I go back in September when Ethan starts our preK program.. but I want to get off at 2pm and be able to pick my kids up..

There are very few other high school options in this area.. there are 5 within a 30 mile radius that offer a free vocational training program.. but there are limited students accepted.. and we'll just have to see if Gavin has the grades for them.. I think he has the grades as far as his report cards go.. he usually gets As and Bs.. but if they have an entry exam type test.. which I'm sure they do.. he might struggle with the writing aspect.. we'll see..

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