Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall 2010 update

Update of my little nook in the world..

Frank started working at Morgan two weeks ago.. this weekend was his first time on-call.. he had to go in last night.. and again this morning.. but.. that just means a bigger paycheck.. our weekends are usually spent lounging around.. so no plans got disrupted.. other than cancelling.. err.. rescheduling.. going to see the new Harry Potter flick..

Thanksgiving was AWESOME.. except for my being sick.. my mom cooked.. as always.. and it was amazing!!!!.. as always.. =) Frank's parents and brother Bill came to visit.. and Jaime and Ariana stopped by.. I was sick as a dog though.. double pink eye infection.. bad cramps.. sore throat.. lost my voice.. couldn't stop coughing.. and I was throwing up.. went to the ER this morning.. not for one particular symptom per se.. just kinda got scared that SO MANY things were wrong with me.. but other than the pink eye and an upper respiratory infection.. all is well..

Last Thanksgiving we woke up to only half the house having electricity.. and of course the fridge (with all that yummy food in it did NOT).. the guy came and had it all back on within a few hours.. but for those few hours.. of cords running this way and that.. man oh man.. did it make me appreciate the convenience of have electricity!!!!! Then this year.. I was sick as a dog with no voice.. and again.. made me appreciate the little things in life that I take for granted every single day..

Ordered my mom a really nice jewelry box for Christmas.. since her's was stolen in a break in a few months ago.. I wanted to get a her super nice one.. because she just does SO MUCH for my family all year long.. I found one that was gorgeous for $125.. then I found it on another website for $100.. then after I kept searching I found it for $85!! And I was planning on a $50-$60 budget for it anyways.. so I said hell with it.. I'll spluge and get the most gorgeous one I've ever seen in my life.. but before I hit the purchase button.. I googled "promo codes" for the store and got a $10 off coupon!!!!! So now it was only $75 with Free shipping because I always use websites that offer little to no charge for shipping..

Then it comes.. and it has a friggen knick on the inside cover.. you can't see it while the top is closed.. but once you open it.. it's an obvious knick and for the money I paid.. I was definitely exchanging it.. (oh, and I also only order from companies who offer free return shipping!) I went to the website.. and it asked me a few questions about why I wanted to exchange/return the product.. it asked if the package was damaged, the product, or both..

I clicked on the option for product only..

and guess what?!?!? They refunded my husband's pay pal account.. WITHOUT having me send it back to them!!!!!!! I guess because they'd be paying for me to send it back and then again for them to send me a new one.. and it's a pretty heavy jewelry box..

So um yeah, I got a hundred dollar jewelry box FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Score! lol

Ok.. baby's in the pots and pans.. and my house needs some TLC.. ta ta

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