Monday, October 4, 2010


I was taking Philosophy last semester.. and we touched on the subject of doing good deeds.. and were they really for the receiver of the good deed.. orrrrr was it to make the giver of such deed to get rewarded with the feeling that comes with it??

I'm leaning more on the side of it's for the giver's satisfaction.. but, what harm is done.. none! In fact, there is always someone receiving something.. I say it's a win-win.. but I am having issues with it lately..

We have sponsored a little boy in Etheopia for about a year now.. and I wonder if I did it to really help these strangers.. or to just feel good about myself.. then, the other issue I have is that I sort of feel like I'm doing it so God likes me.. and that's really the main issue I'm currently having..


With Frank being out of work lately.. I have prayed more than I have in years.. and I'm praying to ask for MORE blessings (more money).. when I already have so many!! A house, two cars, three healthy happy kind children, a loyal and loving husband, my mom is my best friend, plenty of clothes, and so much more..

So I told myself when Frank got a job, I'd sponsor another child.. I mean, for $38 a month (which I compare to a gym pass we wouldn't use or some other meaningless $40 purchase) I am truly helping a family pay their $6 rent, and provide food that may not otherwise be there, and the child gets an education, it's so worth it!!

Well, Friday, I decided that I shouldn't wait for Frank to get a job, and I sponsored another child. Well, she's more like a woman. Her name is Theresia and she's 17. Both her parents work, and she's above average in school, and I just felt like maybe because of her age she had given up hope of being sponsored, plus what if our contribution allows her to attend college (or whatever further education they have) and what if that changes her life?! How amazing!

But did I secretly do it just so that God then feels I'm deserving of Him allowing Frank to find a job? I am pretty sure that is NOT the case.. but I do think that God would much rather I do good as opposed to not helping others out.. so then it DOES matter to Him..

Honestly, I'm just an overanalizer and none of this matters.. Point is.. we now are making God more proud than we were last week when I was just "thinking" about sponsoring as opposed to actually "doing" it.. but I know He loves me whether I help more child or stop helping the two I already help.. there isn't really any bribing the Lord..

I do most definitely get pleasure out of sponsoring though.. I LOVE it.. ... check it out!

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  1. As another who gets a lot of joy our of sponsorship, I am glad I stumbled upon your blog.
    What a blessing to sponsor an older child who has already lost at least one sponsor. 2 Cor 9:6-15