Monday, October 25, 2010

NO MORE: Diapers or Unemployment

Just an update on life..

Frankie started working at Fed Ex this week.. it's weird to have him have a set place he needs to be every day.. but he has Sundays and Mondays off.. which I LOVE.. weekends are SO hectic here.. the boys are friggen animals.. lol.. its just pure chaos.. and I dont wanna impose too much structure or make them not be so loud.. because it's their only two days off too.. but anywho.. so this way he can chill with us all on Sunday.. watch football.. then have Monday to really relax and regroup.. but then still see the boys as soon as they get outta school.. plus me and him can have some quiet time during the day too..

Ethan has a super high fever.. don't know the exact number because I am anti thermostats.. nooo.. that's not what they're called.. thermometers?? yes yes.. I've been a mom for almost 12 years now.. and I've maybe used them 12 times ever.. between 3 kids.. it's just too much trouble.. I mean you can feel a little fever.. and you can certainly tell the difference with a high one.. when I have taken them to the doctors or the ER they always say did ya take their temp? and sometimes I lie and guess (Mother of the year, I know) or sometimes I say "No, but I'd say around 101.6" and then they take their temp.. and I'm always so close.. ha! Anywho.. little man is kinda scaring me.. cause this one is def in the 102 - 103 range.. I hate high fevers.. when I was in the Army a soldier died from over heating on a road march.. his body literally cooked him from the inside out.. so yeah.. high fevers scare me.. I gave him Tylenol.. more than I'd like actually.. oh, did I mention I'm also anti-medicine.. yeah.. I hardly ever give my children OTC drugs.. my kids pediatrician is MY pediatrician.. so he's old school.. he thinks the body does amazing stuff on it's own.. and I agree.. a fever is meant to kill off whatever it is that is causing the child to be sick.. so unless my children are uncomfortably in pain.. we don't give them anything.. well.. Frank probably would.. but he can't cause I don't let him.. lol.. man.. I'm long winded tonight.. focus Nicole.. focus!!

Fever.. no meds.. oh, but I DID give little man Tylenol because that's how hot he was.. it's just from teething though.. I think I've heard people say kids don't get fevers from teething.. but I got three kids with mouths full of teeth and every single tooth caused the same symptoms: fever and pain.. I can feel his molars coming in.. and he moves his mouth funny.. and he puts his hands up to his mouth and says "Hurt." sooo.. I know he's teething..

Ayden is still too wild for my liking.. I don't know how to tame him.. I really hope it's just a phase.. cause I'm really not doing much to stop it.. I mean I tell him a gazillion times a day to not do certain things.. then he does them.. then I either issue a chore, put him in time out, or take something away.. then.. he does it again.. and again..

Gavin got into his first fist fight the other day.. some kid Nazier slapped him in the face in school.. so then Gavin kicked his leg as he walked away.. he pushed Gav.. Gav pushed back.. teacher came.. it ended.. then after school Nazier and 6 friends circled Gavin and Nazier said "That's who I wanna fight." Gavin said that he told them he wasn't going to fight all of them and that the numbers weren't fair.. they promised Gavin no one would jump in.. so he agreed!

Like, uh really Gav!?!?! You believed them!?!?! Thankfully no one did though..

He said he took off his bookbag, hoody, and his new button up.. lol.. can you imagine? I know this is in no way funny.. but who is like "Uh, I just got this shirt last night and I really like it. Can you give me a sec?" When he's faced with a group of kids?

Yeah so he said they both punched each other in the face and Gav threw him down.. ugh.. who knows.. Gav seemed pretty proud of himself.. and actually I was sort of proud too.. I told him he was very brave to fight without any of friends around and a bunch of the other kids.. he said "What would you have done?"

I said "I dunno.. probably screamed HEEEEELLLLLP!!!!!!!! And ran away!" lol

but then later on I thought.. Did I encourage my kid to fight?!?!?!?! I didn't react like I thought I would have.. so we talked about it a few more times.. and each time I emphasized how I was not happy about it.. and if he thought he was going to be a fighter.. he was wrong.. blah blah blah.. I also threatened him with taking him out of that school and putting him into Catholic school again.. which was more of a promise really..

School's going well.. I get my associates in May.. that was a long 10 years coming hahahaha.. at least five though.. on and off.. but mostly on!! Two classes every semester for about five years.. with a year and a half off while I worked.. yeesh..

Oh, and Ethan is 100% potty trained now.. with the exception of bed time.. He's been going on the potty since July.. I let him run around naked all summer and more often than not he'd pee in his potty but we had accidents almost daily.. until a few weeks ago.. then this week I tried the taking-him-out-in-public test and he passed.. no accidents at all.. and we were gone for a while a few days.. today we drove an hour south to my moms.. went shopping for a few hours and then drove back home.. noooooooooo accidents!!!! yay!!! He rocks!

das about it.. yaaaaaawn..

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