Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mom's Break In

My mom was just robbed.. She comes and visits us every Tuesday and Friday.. sleeps over and leaves early in the morning.. she lives 40 minutes south of us.. her and her best friend Monica live in a senior community.. they are both widows.. and they were both living with their kids for a while.. and just wanted to be out on their own.. they're both young 60s.. love bingo.. love Atlantic City.. they bowl.. its a great little community..

Well, Monica got home this morning (after sleeping at her daughters house) and called my mom and said someone broke in through their back glass porch..

My moms a wreck.. obviously.. so am I..

She wasn't sure what they took.. but Monica did tell her (she hadn't made it home yet! Monica called her as she was on her way home from sleeping here last night) that her jewelery box was stolen..

She had my dad's wedding band in there.. and her ring they got married in.. she was wearing the set Frank and I bought her on what would've been their 40th anniversary.. the summer my dad died..

She's a mess.. I want to go see her.. but I have to get the boys from school.. plus I have the baby.. but I would take him.. I think.. I don't know.. he might be freaked with both of us crying..

You know it was a druggy.. who else breaks into houses other than desparate addicts who would do anything for their fix?!?!

Just another reason I HATE DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to call her.. but I don't want to bother her if she's still talking to the cops.. I wish I could be there for her..

So sad..

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