Monday, October 18, 2010

Jobs & Pumpkins

Tomorrow is a big day in our household.. Frank starts a job!! The ironic part is that he's probably going to quit it at the end of the week.. Gavin's bio dad is trying to get him a job where he works.. he went for the first of two interviews today and it went really well.. a bit strange eh? My ex-husband is hooking my current husband up with a jobby job? Isaac, that's his name, and I married a few weeks after HS.. after dating for about 8 months.. it was weird.. I told him I was breaking up with him because I was joining the Army.. and he proposed.. I said yes and we eloped..

But.. two immature teenagers on their own for the first time ever.. didn't quite pan out how we imagined.. we got pregnant a year later.. then separated a week after Gavin's first birthday.. we were officially divorced a few months later..

He got into a major car wreck a week after we separated.. the hospital said he might not make it and I should rush to get there.. I didn't know what to do.. we were in the middle of divorcing.. I told them to call his mom.. but we were in KY/TN border area and she was in NJ.. that was a very scary time..

He obviously recovered.. actually, he is now married to the rehabilitation nurse who helped him walk again..

Gavin and I were talking about how one little thing can change your life.. Tara, that's his wife's name.. wasn't even supposed to be his nurse.. but the gal who was called out or something.. and then they fell in love..

I met Frank a year and a half after my divorce.. and we got married three months later..

I write it, and I know it's my life.. but it still blows my mind that I did that! I married a stranger.. AND I packed up all my belongings, my son, and dog and drove south without a destination! We just stopped in Virginia Beach and set up shop.. talk about poor! We would shop at the dollar store for our weekly groceries (they had a fridge section) with a budget of $20..

Man, I remember one time I found a $20 bill under the couch cushion and I though he was holding out on me.. hahaha!!! Meanwhile it was probably ME who hid it from HIM! lol

Anywho.. went to the pumpkin patch yesterday.. bad idea.. well, great idea.. bad timing..

I never do much on the weekends.. since I'm home all week.. I prefer to avoid crowds.. and if I do do something on the weekend I do it early to again.. avoid the crowds.. but my friend Jaime was taking her daughter and they were going alone so I decided to tag along.. at 2pm on a Sunday.. eek!

This one cracks me up.. two geese came running by Ethan.. I think because the boy to the left of the photo was chasing them.. and he got SO freaked out! Do you see his hand in a fist? He was prepared.. ha!

oh my goodness.. and this "monsta" came running out from a shed during the hay ride and went up on to the cart in front of us.. well as he was walking back down, we were right there in the next cart and the kids were kneeling on the hay looking at him and he starting tickling them.. Ethan Fuh reaked! lol.. He screamed "MONSTA MONSTA!!"

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