Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Hot as Hell in Here

Yeah so tonight is gymnastics night for my two older boys.. Ayd goes from 5-6 then Gav from 6-7.. it's a good 20 mins away.. so basically we leave at 4:30 and get home at 7:30.. yeah so.. we go.. Ayden goes in.. and Ethan is a total monster the entire hour.. I really wanted to take him to the car and strap him in and then return to gymnastics.. ha! I would never do that.. well.. actually I might if it were legal and acceptable.. ugh.. anywho..

So after we get Ayden and Gavin goes in I'm like we are NOT staying here.. I put the younger two in the car and off we go.. where.. I had no clue.. just not in the waiting room with my son being so fresh to me with other parents looking at me.. not that I even really care because let's face it.. who kids doesn't act like that sometimes??

Anywho.. as I'm driving in the general direction of my town.. I start thinking that.. oh crap! Tonight is Ayden's trophy night.. he played baseball and 6pm was when he was ganna get his trophy.. excellent!! We'll go grab it.. and then go get Gav (SHIT!!!!!!! I just remembered I forgot to get my birth control.. again! Ugh.. I have GOT to do that 2moro) ANYWHO...

So I drive to the address and it's a nightmare.. it's a hall with about 200 people in it.. I pulled up and asked some men outside if I could just run in and get my kids trophy.. he's like "No. They're calling each kid up individually, then there will be pizza afterwards. So go find a parking spot!"

Ugh, crap!! I have to get my other kid in like 30 mins..

So I tell Ayden, sorry, but we just can't stay.. I bribed him with 2 lolly pops and head home to get them.. I pull up to the house, open the door, and can't breath. Literally!

The monster baby apparently clicked my thermostat ALL THE WAY ON HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

It's one of those with a little thing you can just slide.. yeah.. it was seriously, no exaggeration at least 105 degrees in my house.. and of course our ACs had been taken out already.. and of course, I had to leave and couldn't even keep the windows or doors open..

It's still kind of disgusting a few hours later.. I'm up in my room with the AC on.. we keep the upstairs ones in all year long cause it's just too much to lug em up and down..

I am beyond cranky.. I need a nice cold showa.. and a mimosa!! Too bad I don't have any champagne though..

Note to self: get birth control and champagne! AND a thermostat cover!!!!!!!!!!!

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