Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creative Copy Cat

Ok, I just found the coolest vegan blog ever.. I've been following Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Life for about a year now.. and it just doesn't do it for me.. she's VERY preachy.. and a little odd truth be told.. she once wrote on her blog that she felt sorry for the fish inside a fish tank at a restaurant and wanted all her readers to call and ask the owner to set them free. hahahah!!! fruit loop.. but aside from her strong personal beliefs she is a very nice girl trying to do very nice things..

But even her recipes are too far fetched for me.. they include products that require me to make a trip to the not really budget friendly Whole Foods.. or purchase some products online.. plus more often than not, it's products I've never even heard of.. so I have no idea if I'll even like them.. and by the looks of them.. I probably won't..

Today her blog featured an eggplant lasagna recipe created by Lola at VeganYumYum and although that particular recipe didn't scream yum to me.. A LOT of her other recipes did! She has mohito cupcakes:

And seriously how friggen cute are these Knit Night cupcakes?!?!?!
I'm green with envy! lol.. I wish I could come up with stuff like this.. but I can't.. so I'm just going to copy her stuff..

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