Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sk8r Room Redo

*Big ol SIGH*

I should research ADD and ADHD.. I think, from what I've heard, that I have one of them.. I can't finish one thing because my brain stops mid way through to focus on sutten else.. I should go get me some Ginkobaloba.. or maybe I should start meditating.. cause meditating is so feasible with these kids of mine.. especially Ethan who is inches away from me banging on a metal bank with a plastic hammer..

I just finished my summer semester.. which included Chemistry.. I've never taken Chem before.. HOLY CRUD was it hard.. like.. really really really hard.. so after my final exam.. guess what I did..

I didn't relax.. didn't take the kids out back or to the park.. no.

After a stressful semester and I finally get to chill.. I decided to rearrange the boys' rooms and put Gavin in his own room.. and the two little ones together.. and I did this all alone.. well.. I had the nuggets under my feet the whole time.. but I meant alone as far as help goes..

I wrote in my journal last night that it was the most stressful day I've had in the past year.. and I meant it!

Undoing the beds and the cribs.. redoing them.. blah blah blah...

Woe is me, I know.. *rolls eyes* haha..

I'm done with the younger two's room.. mainly because I've already spent plenty of time decorating in there.. but the baby's old room (Gavin's new one) was boring.. nothing fun going on in there..

So I'm going to paint the walls light gray.. and then I took poster paper and drew a skater outline.. and then I'm going to trace it on the gray paint.. and color them in Navy blue.. and then another one in red..

Oh, and I went to Five Below and got little kid skateboards and I'm going to use them for shelves.. It's ganna be super cute.. but alot of work too..

I did most of the outline for the skater.. but I can't get the head and one arm to look good.. *hence the blog break*

I can't wait.. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I don't think I posted my Disney pics yet.. GASP.. I gotta do that.. now.. (there goes that ADD again) Maybe all us moms have it.. at least moms with young kids.. well, at least moms with young demanding kids!

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