Thursday, August 12, 2010


These top two aren't even from Disney.. but I think they're cute.. lol.. plus Ethan has his Disney shirt on so..

I love my A dawg..

There were several groups - like class trips - and when I was snapping this one of Ethan.. a girl from Brazil (I think) came up to him and made the biggest fuss over him.. as though she had never seen a blue eyes blonde before.. I was a proud mama.. lol

Love my Gavers...

He was so afraid to be on Frank's shoulders.. I kept saying "Sit up." so I could take the pic and he was freaked.. lol.. he was like "No! Just take the picture already!" lol

This is my favorite of them all.. too bad their strollers aren't cuter tho..

Doesn't he look like a girl striking a pose? hehe

This is another fave.. love my little men..

Could they look any more miserable?? It was soo hot.. Great vacation no doubt.. but exhausting for sure!

This might be his last photo of him with his long hair.. oh no wait.. cause after I cut his bangs WAY too short I took a picture of him looking like Dumb & Dumber.. oh, it was bad!! hence the faux hawk in the first pic.. though it was falling by the time we got to the park..

This was outside Caribe Cove Resort..

Goober.. haha!

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