Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday

NOT ME MONDAY is a fun little game that MckMama started.. love this game actually! Wanna join?? Head on over to her bloggidy blog and link up!

I did not barter some time on my laptop today for a massage from my 11 year old son. I would never bribe him or dangle a carrot above his head.

I did not make my two older boys go outside in a drizzle to eat their frozen yogurts because I didn’t want the baby to scream for one. I would never make my children stand outside in the cold, without shirts just to avoid cleaning up a mess.

I did not eat the rest of the cookies for breakfast so that they wouldn’t be able to temp me throughout the day.

I did not wake up this morning at 5:55am to my middle son screaming that there was a squirrel in his room! Nope, not me! Hahahaha… (no really, you have to read the previous post about that one!)

Ma!! There's a squirrel in my room!

Rainy day.. loving the cool breeze though.. I miss opening my windows and doors and getting fresh air in the house.. I'm not a fan of the AC.. I mean we use it everyday.. but it's not central air.. it's window air conditioners so if you sit by them, your freezing.. plus I'm not a fan of the energy or money used to run them..

So um yeah.. I'm ready for fall.. I don't like wishing for the future.. but.. I so want the boys to be back in school.. and for Frank to have a legit jobby job.. I guess thats more for my need of routine more than anything tho.. and my sanity.. and money.. lol


ummm... Ethan just threw a diaper at me.. TWICE!! Nasty little boy.. He was wearing it.. though didn't pee in it yet.. I'm trying to take it off to put undies on him.. he's been doing great with the potty training! But for some reason he's ticked I took it off..

He pretty much is potty trained (pee, not poop) so long as he is naked.. if he doesn't have anything on.. he knows to sit on the potty.. or tell me so I can take him to the big potty..

But the second he has shorts or undies on.. I guess he feels like he's in a diaper.. so he goes in his pants.. So that's today's mission - to get him potty trained while in clothes.. cause this whole naked thing really gets in the way.. my girlfriend has a young daughter.. the poor neighbors.. and us!! The other day he stood up at the dinner table.. not. appropriate. lol


So this morning Ayden woke me up at 5:55am screaming and hysterical crying.. I was so frazzled that I ran to him without even grabbing my glasses.. which means everything was SOOOOOOOO blurry.. I am seriously close to being blind.. I'd be in "bottle capped" glasses that make my eyes look like two little freckles except (A) technology has changed and they fixed that problem for the most part and (B) I usually wear my contacts..

but anywho.. so I go sit on his bed and..

I'm like "Shhh.. what's the matter?"

Ayden: "There's a squirrel in my room!"

Me: "No baby, it was just a dream."

Ayden: "NOOOOOO!!!!! It's RIGHT THERE!!!!" *as he points to the corner of his room*

Me: "Ayden, I can't see. Is there seriously a squirrel in here?"

Ayden: "YES!!!! It's right there!"

I'm freaking!! What the hell am I ganna do.. I got this rabies infested animal in my kids room.. I can't friggen see.. It's so early I can't scream and wake Frank or Gavin up.. Aiy yi yi..

After a few minutes I thought to throw something in that corner and hope he runs off so I can at least go get my glasses and better assess the situation..

I grab the pack of wipes and chuck it.. and

Ayden says "Ohhhh, it was just the garbage bag."


*Rolls Eyes*

Sigh.. my father would say something along the lines of.. "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." ha!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


These top two aren't even from Disney.. but I think they're cute.. lol.. plus Ethan has his Disney shirt on so..

I love my A dawg..

There were several groups - like class trips - and when I was snapping this one of Ethan.. a girl from Brazil (I think) came up to him and made the biggest fuss over him.. as though she had never seen a blue eyes blonde before.. I was a proud mama.. lol

Love my Gavers...

He was so afraid to be on Frank's shoulders.. I kept saying "Sit up." so I could take the pic and he was freaked.. lol.. he was like "No! Just take the picture already!" lol

This is my favorite of them all.. too bad their strollers aren't cuter tho..

Doesn't he look like a girl striking a pose? hehe

This is another fave.. love my little men..

Could they look any more miserable?? It was soo hot.. Great vacation no doubt.. but exhausting for sure!

This might be his last photo of him with his long hair.. oh no wait.. cause after I cut his bangs WAY too short I took a picture of him looking like Dumb & Dumber.. oh, it was bad!! hence the faux hawk in the first pic.. though it was falling by the time we got to the park..

This was outside Caribe Cove Resort..

Goober.. haha!

Sk8r Room Redo

*Big ol SIGH*

I should research ADD and ADHD.. I think, from what I've heard, that I have one of them.. I can't finish one thing because my brain stops mid way through to focus on sutten else.. I should go get me some Ginkobaloba.. or maybe I should start meditating.. cause meditating is so feasible with these kids of mine.. especially Ethan who is inches away from me banging on a metal bank with a plastic hammer..

I just finished my summer semester.. which included Chemistry.. I've never taken Chem before.. HOLY CRUD was it hard.. like.. really really really hard.. so after my final exam.. guess what I did..

I didn't relax.. didn't take the kids out back or to the park.. no.

After a stressful semester and I finally get to chill.. I decided to rearrange the boys' rooms and put Gavin in his own room.. and the two little ones together.. and I did this all alone.. well.. I had the nuggets under my feet the whole time.. but I meant alone as far as help goes..

I wrote in my journal last night that it was the most stressful day I've had in the past year.. and I meant it!

Undoing the beds and the cribs.. redoing them.. blah blah blah...

Woe is me, I know.. *rolls eyes* haha..

I'm done with the younger two's room.. mainly because I've already spent plenty of time decorating in there.. but the baby's old room (Gavin's new one) was boring.. nothing fun going on in there..

So I'm going to paint the walls light gray.. and then I took poster paper and drew a skater outline.. and then I'm going to trace it on the gray paint.. and color them in Navy blue.. and then another one in red..

Oh, and I went to Five Below and got little kid skateboards and I'm going to use them for shelves.. It's ganna be super cute.. but alot of work too..

I did most of the outline for the skater.. but I can't get the head and one arm to look good.. *hence the blog break*

I can't wait.. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I don't think I posted my Disney pics yet.. GASP.. I gotta do that.. now.. (there goes that ADD again) Maybe all us moms have it.. at least moms with young kids.. well, at least moms with young demanding kids!