Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time to Blog again

I really need to get my life OR GAN IZED!!

School is so discombobulated.. the house has not been getting cleaned properly.. The boys haven't been played with enough.. I just need to.. organize.. and I'm thinking this blog is going to help.. man.. I don't know why I stopped blogging.. well, actually I do.. it's because I have this awkward relationship with journals.. in which I LOVE to write in them.. but when I go back and read them.. I'm not like.. "Wow.. I love that girl!" ha! I'm more like.. "I should go buy a new journal and start fresh.. and this time.. no more complaining.. and no more writing about food or my weight.." The worse feeling of all is when I go back and read in my journal and I see all the pages that emphatically say "Tomorrow is the day!" and then a few pages later its obvious that I didn't in fact change ANY my bad habits.. yeah.. that will most certainly send me to the store to purchase a pretty new journal in which to start fresh in.. *sigh*

I have at least 20 journals in my room that are only partially written in.. and I use the word "partially" very literally.. I probably write in about 20 pages.. and then buy a new one a few weeks later.. The reason I only have 20 is because at first I was throwing the old ones out.. I have tossed hundreds of journals..

I did that with this blog too.. I created one.. got a pretty little background.. wrote tons of stuff.. then got real insecure about what I wrote.. and deleted those specific posts.. but then I just cancelled it because I kept setting up goals for myself and not accomplishing them.. I felt like a total loser.. which is NOT what I need in my life.. so I cut off the source..

But then I just went back to paper journals.. and I probably will keep one of those too.. but this online blog is soooooo much easier.. you can save.. delete.. post pictures.. and maybe best of all.. "meet" other young moms who feel the same way as I do..

So.. I'm going to revamp my blog.. I'm going to make it look perty.. update it with photos of my family.. it'll be great..

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  1. Oh Nicole. I really wish you could see how great you are! You are WAY too hard on yourself girlfriend! Sure we all have things we can work on. NO ONE is perfect. Even if they seem to be, trust me, they're not! But you don't give yourself enough credit!

    This may sound cliche but God loves you! Just the way you are. Right now. Not who you could be. Or the "better you." He doesn't expect perfection to love you UNCONDITIONALLY. He takes you just how you are.

    Embrace yourself, flaws and all. Stop second guessing yourself and stop comparing. It's the only way to be truly happy. Trust me! :)