Monday, July 26, 2010

De Ja Vu

My three boys are all five years apart, give or take a few months.. Gavin is in the final stages of not fighting with Ayden about ridiculous mumbo jumbo like:

"MOM! He won't stop copying me! Every time I sit down, he sits down, every time I walk into another room, he follows me."

My typical response: "Well, go sit down and don't do anything.. and he'll get bored and leave you alone."

Gavin JUST stopped comparing who got more soda in their cup at dinnertime.. at least I THINK he stopped doing that.. maybe he just learned to hide it well so he didn't have to hear my mouth about it..

Oh, or what about when Ayden says something that is just completely ridiculous.. like:

Ayden: "Two plus two equals five."

Gavin: "No Ayden, it's four."

Ayden: "Noooo. It's FIVE!"

Gavin: "Ayden, I'm older than you. Trust me it's four."

Ayden: "Noooooooooooooooo! I'm smarter than you. It's five!"

Gavin: "Moooooom! Ayden is saying that two plus two equals five!"

But now.. Gavin has learned to just ignore Ayden's nonsense.. which is awesome for me.

Yeah so, the point is that these nonsensical arguments are becoming few and far between..

and then God decided that my life needed a bit more pizazz.. or maybe he just needed a good laugh.. because now Ayden is the Gavin and Ethan is the Ayden..


I was walking the baby in the stroller a few weeks ago.. and this older lady walking with her husband said "Enjoy these years. They're the best time of your life." And I must say.. I really do disagree with her.. I think the best years of my life are ganna be when the boys are 16, 11, and 6..


1. I could sleep in past 8 am

2. I could take them all to dinner and have it not resemble anything like taking Ethan and Ayden out to dinner (ie: kids under the table or standing up in their chairs.. food thrown on the floor, fits being had, screams being screamed, and so on and so forth)

3. Me and Frank could join another bowling league since we won't need a sitter

4. Me and Frank could go out on dates without having to inconvenience my mom to sit

5. I could leave the boys home alone and go shopping or to lunch with my friends or get my hair and nails done

6. I could lay in the pool, alone, without a toddler on my hip

7. I could eat a meal or even a snack without having to share it

8. My house will be less trashed with milk drops scattered on the floor, toys, crumbs, wipies scattered all over the house (Ethan has a love for wipies - he calls them "bit bits" and rubs them on his face every time he has a bottle), and other toddler little boy crud

9. I will have four extra hands to do chores (I already have Gavin's two)


1. No more Ethan making funny faces while he fake sings

2. No more Ethan dancing at the intro to cartoons

3. No more Ayden wanting to marry me

4. No more sick babies wanting to lay on my chest

5. No more cherub faces looking at me as if they couldn't love me any more

6. Gavin driving (fear and car insurance)

7. No more cheaper kids meals

8. Clothes will be so much more expensive (name brands)

9. Girl troubles and broken hearts

Pros def outweigh the cons.. but I really should get Ethan and Ayden on video camera soon.. like immediately.. because they are so friggen cute.. Gav is too of course.. but he's already 11.. I am referring to little boy stages.. not pre-teen craziness..


  1. Oh boy it will be awhile before I get to that point with my kids. It will come soon enough I'm sure! lol I just keep telling myself to enjoy their littleness while I can. :)

  2. My best friend is in the teen years, and she would be to differ on Pro #8. Her teen boys take food and drink with them wherever they go, leaving crumbs, plates, cups, and unfinished edibles trailing behind them! LOL.