Friday, June 4, 2010

Naked Boy

Just thought I should log on and record some stories before I forget them..

Ethan is potty training.. sort of.. he is constantly taking off his diaper and even though I tell him "Noooo!" he does it anyway. While staring at me. So then I have this naked child running around my house all day.. so I figured I'd give it a go..

We've been letting him run around without a diaper for about a week now.. and he sits on the potty and goes pee pee about twice a day.. and then about 3 times a day I'm cleaning up puddles.. what can ya do..

The child absolutely refuses to wear a diaper.. come nap time or bedtime.. he takes off his shorts, then unbuttons his onesies.. and then takes off his diaper.. I actually didn't even mind wet sheets once or twice a day.. but then we had the dreaded #2 incident.. and ever since.. I have been ducktaping his diapers on him.. end of story.. I will definitely get a picture of that tomorrow.. I hope..

So um yeah.. he's a character.. oh and he LOVES watching "Who let the dogs out" by Baha men.. and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.. he must say "oh oh oh" (chorus to Single Ladies) at least a dozen times a day.. it's hysterical.. when he wants to watch the videos on you tube.. he points to my laptop and says "woo woo?" because that's his way of saying woof woof..

**** ugh.. !!!!!! my hand accidentally erased everything I just wrote.. I'm too tired to retype it..

Note to self: Ethan calling Shelby Fu and Gavin with the older ladies..

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  1. Boy will be boys! :)That's why we love em! Oh and I would so like to hear the story about Gavin and the older ladies! ;)