Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Time

I just submitted my final essays for the semester.. And I am so not taking classes this summer.. unt uh.. no how.. I have taken two classes every semester.. summers included for the last five years.. minus last summer.. and that was because I was babysitting my friend's daughter.. soooo basically what I'm trying to say is.. on top of my three rug rats.. I haven't had a break in five years.. I'd say I'm due!

How funny is it that my "break" is going to consist of me taking care of my three kids 24/7 for the entire summer.. ha! Most people need a "break" from THAT!


We had a few HOT days here in area.. someone was BBQing and it smelled so good.. So good in fact that Frank ran to the grocery store for some steak, chicken, and shrimp.. and that is quite rare for Frank to be in the grocery store.. He probably goes 4 times a year.. and NEVER buys more than 5 items.. He has never gone actual food shopping.. He's got it maid made like that.. but anywho.. yeah so we grilled.. the kids played with the hose and water guns.. then we opened the pool.. which is super early.. but they went in it yesterday and today.. and prolly every day until we close it.. Frank even takes them in it when it rains.. I think that is something they will always remember..


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