Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Electric..

I stumbled upon Ayden's old tent in the baby's room today.. so I told Gavin to set it up out back.. figuring they'd amuse themselves for a bit.. apparently I forgot just how destructive Ethan is.. because that tent could hardly even be built without him beating it apart..

You should have SEEN his crazy mop top.. His hair was sooooo out of control static-y.. I took some pics but they don't do it any justice.. it looked so much crazier in person..

Ayden is a little ham.. so he was feeling shafted after I snapped so many pics of Ethan.. so I told him "Well, stop moving if you want me to take your pic." and THIS is what I got (after he said "Hold on! Lemme stick my swords in my back!":

And THIS is for Grandma because I have been a slacker with updating this blog.. Enjoy!

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