Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looooooongest Post ever

I often don't post because I'm too lazy to upload the photos that should be accompanying said post.. but I have the worst memory of anyone I know.. but I don't that many people so.. so before I forget this week's stories...

I started saying prayers with the boys about a month or two ago.. mostly Ayden.. because he always ends up in my bed.. and before I send him back on his way.. I suggest we say our prayers.. ACTUALLY...

A few months ago.. say four, five??.. whatever.. I kept telling myself to start praying with the boys.. but it was so odd for me since at the time I wasn't even praying myself.. but day after day.. week after week.. I'd forget until they were asleep.. then one day at lunch.. Ayden said to me "Mom! We forgot to say our prayers!"

Which totally blew my mind because I hadn't mentioned that I in fact wanted to start that.. I took that as a sign that I definitely needed to start saying prayers with them..

Gavin rarely joins us.. probably because I feel awkward praying in front of him.. and I feel like I'm making him feel awkward by asking him to pray.. anywho..

So me and Ayden have been praying before bed more nights than not.. and I love it.. he is SO fricken cute!!!

We do the "Now I lay me down to sleep..." prayer and then we just tell God what we're thankful for.. or at least that's what I do.. Ayden sometimes does this.. and other times he asks for favors..

For example.. "Thank you God for my family. I love them. And please let tomorrow morning be Christmas."

Gavin was in my room with Ayden the other night and so he joined us.. I went first and said my thanks.. to include "And please God, give me the strength to not beat my children." to make the fellas laugh and lighten the mood.. my father once said something that seemed so offensive to God one day.. and I was like "Dad, that is not funny." and he laughed even harder than he had been and said "Oh please! God has a sense of humor."

Up until that point (I was around 9) it had never crossed my mind that "God" would have a sense of humor.. he was just total serious God.. but ever since.. I totally believe God is okay with being talked to like a friend.. especially when it involves making my children laugh (like with my prayer request.)

Whew.. I'm all over the place tonight.. yeesh.. ok.. so what was I saying?? Oh yeah.. Gavin's prayers.. yeah so his prayer went something like "Thank you God for our house and all the food we have. And thank you God for making my Nanny not be dead." I don't think he was done.. but me and Ayden started hysterical laughing that we interrupted him.. my dad died four years ago.. so he was being serious.. but the way it came out was so funny..


Sooo.. Gavin got his report card on Thursday.. he has like 10 teachers.. it's crazy.. English, Math, Science, Language Arts, History, Computers, Phys Ed, and I don't even know what other classes.. oh Wood Shop.. anywho.. 7 out of ten comments were "Pleasure to have in class." Two were "Average Work" and one, Science, was "Inappropriate Behavior" YIKES!!

At first I was ticked.. but then I'm like.. wait a second.. if every other teacher is telling me he is a "Pleasure to have in class" just how bad could he be??? I decided to not mention it to Gavin and instead email the teacher asking what exactly was he doing...

Well, I didn't email her that night and the next day was the Science Fair.. and of course I saw his teacher.. but I had Ethan on my hip and it was a madhouse.. all the kids were showing their friends their projects.. and the parents made the area even more cramped.. I was sort of embarrassed to even see her being as I am now the "mother of the child who has inappropriate behavior" and I swear she peeked at me from the corner of her eye.. which made me wanna leave even sooner.. she was making her rounds to each student and grading them.. I wanted to stay and support Gav, but Ethan was getting fussy.. so I kissed him and said good bye.. but then I realized his turn was next.. so I stayed.. a few feet away so the teacher could do her thing.. she walked up to him and said "Ok Gavin, let's hear it." kind of coldly.. but then again I'm biased..

He gave his presentation, she took his picture.. which then reminded me to take MY picture of him.. and then I redid my good bye and left..

Rewind.. he had to stay after on Thursday to finish his tri-fold (their presentations were done on tri folds.. duh.. I'd show you the picture.. but that'll have to be in the next post.. anywho) so after he got home late.. I asked how'd he do, he said fine.. I said "What did Ms. Green say?" (meaning what did the teacher say about his project) He goes "She said it was ok." I didn't say anything to him, but in my mind I'm thinking.. just "ok"? ha!

There were 60 students who did Science projects.. and the top 10 were going to win a trip to the Science Museum this upcoming Friday instead of having to go to classes.. and my Gavin WON!! woo hoo!!! I'm so proud.. and to think this teacher is the one who wrote "inappropriate behavior" .. I did not think she was picking him.. I'm so happy for him.. how awesome right.. it's nice to win, let alone miss school! And to boot.. his best friend Robert won too.. and they're not even in the same class so they hardly see each other in school.. but come Friday.. they'll be chillin all day..

Ok, seriously need to stop writing the longest post ever.. I just can't sleep.. too much caffeine?? Anywho.. those are this week's memories..

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Electric..

I stumbled upon Ayden's old tent in the baby's room today.. so I told Gavin to set it up out back.. figuring they'd amuse themselves for a bit.. apparently I forgot just how destructive Ethan is.. because that tent could hardly even be built without him beating it apart..

You should have SEEN his crazy mop top.. His hair was sooooo out of control static-y.. I took some pics but they don't do it any justice.. it looked so much crazier in person..

Ayden is a little ham.. so he was feeling shafted after I snapped so many pics of Ethan.. so I told him "Well, stop moving if you want me to take your pic." and THIS is what I got (after he said "Hold on! Lemme stick my swords in my back!":

And THIS is for Grandma because I have been a slacker with updating this blog.. Enjoy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Time

I just submitted my final essays for the semester.. And I am so not taking classes this summer.. unt uh.. no how.. I have taken two classes every semester.. summers included for the last five years.. minus last summer.. and that was because I was babysitting my friend's daughter.. soooo basically what I'm trying to say is.. on top of my three rug rats.. I haven't had a break in five years.. I'd say I'm due!

How funny is it that my "break" is going to consist of me taking care of my three kids 24/7 for the entire summer.. ha! Most people need a "break" from THAT!


We had a few HOT days here in area.. someone was BBQing and it smelled so good.. So good in fact that Frank ran to the grocery store for some steak, chicken, and shrimp.. and that is quite rare for Frank to be in the grocery store.. He probably goes 4 times a year.. and NEVER buys more than 5 items.. He has never gone actual food shopping.. He's got it maid made like that.. but anywho.. yeah so we grilled.. the kids played with the hose and water guns.. then we opened the pool.. which is super early.. but they went in it yesterday and today.. and prolly every day until we close it.. Frank even takes them in it when it rains.. I think that is something they will always remember..