Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yin & Yang

The boys have been really trying my nerves this past week.. Gavin is so bossy to Ayden.. Ayden IS without a doubt annoying as hell.. but still.. I feel so bad because he looks up to Gavin SOOO much.. he wishes his name was Gavin.. he wishes he was as tall as Gavin.. he wants to be in 5th grade like Gavin.. etc..

I concluded that my children.. well the older two.. have two primary flaws each.. Gavin is slow and forgetful.. and Ayden is loud and can't sit still.. these two characteristics get them into trouble 80% of the time.. if not more..

I'll ask Gavin to get me something.. and he slowly saunters off.. and actually A LOT of the times.. he'll come back to me a few minutes later and say something along the lines of "Ma, what did you want me to get?" HENCE, his second major flaw of being forgetful.. that child "forgot" where the coffee pot was when he was like 8.. NO LIE.. I asked him to grab me sutten "by the coffee pot" (mind you the coffee pot HAS NEVER MOVED.. EVER!) and he sauntered off into the kitchen.. dumbfounded.. came back a minute later and was like "Where's the coffee pot?" I was so irate.. I was like "Uhh.. why don't you ask your THREE year old brother where it is.. because I'm sure HE knows!" and sure as shit.. Ayden was like "Iss white here Gavin." and pointed to the counter.. sigh..

And then Ayden is the complete opposite.. he can remember more than me.. which really isn't saying much.. because I'm forgetful.. (wonder where Gavin gets it from?) I have seriously asked Ayden questions about some song.. or a show.. or a story.. anything.. and he remembers it.. all the time. Last year for Saint Valentine's Day.. they had to send in cards to school.. Ayden was able to tell me there were 16 kids in his class.. and he knew this (according to him) because Monday through Thursday, three kids have show-and-tell, but on Friday, four do. AND of course, Mr. Memory told me which kid had it on which day of the week..

Gavin rambled off the names of his classmates as well.. but later on that night he mentioned a story with some kid with a very unusual name.. I forget what it was.. but I asked if that kid was in his class and Gavin said yes.. BUT he hadn't made our list earlier.. so Gavin was sent to school with a few extra blank St. Valentine's Day cards.. ha!

Gavin is calm and quiet.. always has been.. for the most part.. Ayden, however, can't sit still.. he is always sliding, jumping, bouncing, hopping, dancing.. Yin and Yang those two are!!

I wonder what Ethan will be like in a few years..

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  1. lol i Totally feel your pain! how can i love them so much yet they make me so crazy???? hope today is a little better!