Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Vibrations

I just deleted my two posts about Gavin getting into trouble at school.. and the consequences that followed.. I don't want this blog to be a place where I vent the good and the bad.. I'd rather just focus on all the wonderful things in my life.. which essentially is just my family.. I want to have the boys look at this when they get old and smile.. just as I sat and smiled looking through my parents big old photo albums hundreds of times as a young child..


Ayden has his first tee ball practice tomorrow.. he's never been enrolled in any sort of sport or anything of the sorts ever.. bad mom, I know.. especially since Gavin has done it all - karate 2x, cooking class, art class, baseball, basketball, drama.. I guess because he was my first so he didn't have any siblings to play with.. it was just me and Frank.. not even any family or friends because we lived outta state when he was growing up.. but Ayden doesn't have that quiet, boring household.. his is pure chaos.. PLUS I have tons of girlfriends with young children so the kid has play dates every week.. but he just turned 6.. so the time has come..

He thinks it's going to be like the pros on tv.. not because he watches the pros on tv.. but because he's really good at Wii Baseball.. LOL.. He's like "Ma, I'm ganna hit a home run cause that's what I do on Wii Sports!" oh boy..

Ayden, Ayden..

Oh, so check this out..

My DVD player sucks and skips all the time.. my mom keeps saying she's ganna buy me a new one.. and I keep telling her I can buy my own.. I just NEVER remember it when I'm out.. so anywho.. I was watching Penelope the other day with my mom and didn't wanna hear her mouth about it skipping.. so I hooked up the portable DVD player to the television and whalah.. no skipping!!! Except for some odd reason my tv doesn't have the three little holes (very technically talk, sorry) color coded!!! You know the red, yellow, and white.. so I had to mess with them.. but after two or three tries I got it working..

So tonight me and Ayd were ganna watch a movie and I had to hook it up again.. and I tested my boy wonder.. and he passed!!!

He's like seriously really smart.. like really.. since he was two he has just shown everyone that he has a brilliant memory.. and memory is knowledge.. duh.. hehe

At conferences, his teacher said "He is the only one who can do..." and "He's very smart!" and then she said "The only negative comment is that he has no self control." haha!! Yes, THAT is my Ayden.. smart.. but insanely hyper.. anywho..

So, knowing that I have a smarty pants I often test him.. so tonight I said.. "Ut oh! There's no colors. Do you know which order they go?" and he goes "White, yellow, red."

I'm like "How do you know that?"

He said "Cause that's how it is when I play my video games."

Which may seem like a no brainer to you.. except, hellewww.. I'm 31 and I have plugged those little plugs into many of video games for my children, and dvd players, and so on and so forth.. but did I ever memorize the order? Nooo...

And honestly.. I might forget it all over again..

Sorry Gavin.. you got your mama's memory.. but that's okay.. cause you are so much easier to handle than your crazy little brother.. hehe.. well.. except when you skip school projects and mouth off to adults.. *wink*

Ok, I've vented enough.. let's see if I can go to bed yet.. ta ta

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