Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny Stories

Going thru some pictures and found a few that made me laugh.. at the ridiculousness that is my life.. On Easter we took the boys to the boardwalk like we always do.. and I wanted a picture of my men.. so when we came to the SpongeBob painting I said:

Me: Ok, stop and let me take a picture..


Me: Ayden, shut up and let me take a picture! (Mother of the year candidate, I know!)

Ayden then walks over to the wall and this was snap #1:

Me: Pick your head up and smile or I'm taking your DSi! (That's his big birthday present.. my parenting skills are to be admired.. I'm well aware)

Attempt #2:

Me: Gavin, cut the crap out. Get your arm off of him! Ayden, smile or we're going home.

Attempt #3:

Who would've ever known!! This totally reminds me of saying my father used to ALWAYS tell me.. "Nicole, don't open your mouth and no one will know you're stupid." (NOW do you see where I get my parenting skills from?!)


Another story about my awesome parenting.. which actually, any mom knows kids can get into trouble (or danger) in SECONDS!!!

So this next story happened.. today I think.. yes, today.. Frank got a call to go help a buddy out at like 8:30am so while he was packing a lunch and getting dressed I was talking listening to him and watching the kids.. who were pretty quiet and still because they had just woken up as well.. when Frank, who was in the kitchen the whole time, says "Come here. Come look at him." I knew he was talking about the monster.. and he was.. THIS is what I saw when I went in:

Ethan, who apparently had no patience to wait for me to make him breakfast.. climbed up the chair and onto the table and got himself sutten to eat on his own.. I've never given him a whole apple before! I usually peel the skin off and cut him small chunks.. but apparently he wanted to eat it like his older brothers..

As I clicked this next one Ayden said "Mom, he's eating the sticker!" I didn't even panic cause I was certain he would spit it out.. NOPE.. he swallowed it.. that's right about the time I got him down, peeled his apple, and gave it back to him whole.. which he continued to carry around for quite some time.. he ate most of it too.. I was shocked..

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  1. You crack me up! lol We all have those parenting moments. The other day Olivia was just being cranky all day and screaming and under my breath where I was SURE no one would hear me I said "Oh just PLEASE shut up!" Only to turn around to see my son standing right beside me. He then said, "Mommy! We don't use that word!" Yep I was reprimanded by my five year old for telling my 20 month old to shut up. lol Hey we're only human right? ha!