Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Vibrations

I just deleted my two posts about Gavin getting into trouble at school.. and the consequences that followed.. I don't want this blog to be a place where I vent the good and the bad.. I'd rather just focus on all the wonderful things in my life.. which essentially is just my family.. I want to have the boys look at this when they get old and smile.. just as I sat and smiled looking through my parents big old photo albums hundreds of times as a young child..


Ayden has his first tee ball practice tomorrow.. he's never been enrolled in any sort of sport or anything of the sorts ever.. bad mom, I know.. especially since Gavin has done it all - karate 2x, cooking class, art class, baseball, basketball, drama.. I guess because he was my first so he didn't have any siblings to play with.. it was just me and Frank.. not even any family or friends because we lived outta state when he was growing up.. but Ayden doesn't have that quiet, boring household.. his is pure chaos.. PLUS I have tons of girlfriends with young children so the kid has play dates every week.. but he just turned 6.. so the time has come..

He thinks it's going to be like the pros on tv.. not because he watches the pros on tv.. but because he's really good at Wii Baseball.. LOL.. He's like "Ma, I'm ganna hit a home run cause that's what I do on Wii Sports!" oh boy..

Ayden, Ayden..

Oh, so check this out..

My DVD player sucks and skips all the time.. my mom keeps saying she's ganna buy me a new one.. and I keep telling her I can buy my own.. I just NEVER remember it when I'm out.. so anywho.. I was watching Penelope the other day with my mom and didn't wanna hear her mouth about it skipping.. so I hooked up the portable DVD player to the television and whalah.. no skipping!!! Except for some odd reason my tv doesn't have the three little holes (very technically talk, sorry) color coded!!! You know the red, yellow, and white.. so I had to mess with them.. but after two or three tries I got it working..

So tonight me and Ayd were ganna watch a movie and I had to hook it up again.. and I tested my boy wonder.. and he passed!!!

He's like seriously really smart.. like really.. since he was two he has just shown everyone that he has a brilliant memory.. and memory is knowledge.. duh.. hehe

At conferences, his teacher said "He is the only one who can do..." and "He's very smart!" and then she said "The only negative comment is that he has no self control." haha!! Yes, THAT is my Ayden.. smart.. but insanely hyper.. anywho..

So, knowing that I have a smarty pants I often test him.. so tonight I said.. "Ut oh! There's no colors. Do you know which order they go?" and he goes "White, yellow, red."

I'm like "How do you know that?"

He said "Cause that's how it is when I play my video games."

Which may seem like a no brainer to you.. except, hellewww.. I'm 31 and I have plugged those little plugs into many of video games for my children, and dvd players, and so on and so forth.. but did I ever memorize the order? Nooo...

And honestly.. I might forget it all over again..

Sorry Gavin.. you got your mama's memory.. but that's okay.. cause you are so much easier to handle than your crazy little brother.. hehe.. well.. except when you skip school projects and mouth off to adults.. *wink*

Ok, I've vented enough.. let's see if I can go to bed yet.. ta ta

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yin & Yang

The boys have been really trying my nerves this past week.. Gavin is so bossy to Ayden.. Ayden IS without a doubt annoying as hell.. but still.. I feel so bad because he looks up to Gavin SOOO much.. he wishes his name was Gavin.. he wishes he was as tall as Gavin.. he wants to be in 5th grade like Gavin.. etc..

I concluded that my children.. well the older two.. have two primary flaws each.. Gavin is slow and forgetful.. and Ayden is loud and can't sit still.. these two characteristics get them into trouble 80% of the time.. if not more..

I'll ask Gavin to get me something.. and he slowly saunters off.. and actually A LOT of the times.. he'll come back to me a few minutes later and say something along the lines of "Ma, what did you want me to get?" HENCE, his second major flaw of being forgetful.. that child "forgot" where the coffee pot was when he was like 8.. NO LIE.. I asked him to grab me sutten "by the coffee pot" (mind you the coffee pot HAS NEVER MOVED.. EVER!) and he sauntered off into the kitchen.. dumbfounded.. came back a minute later and was like "Where's the coffee pot?" I was so irate.. I was like "Uhh.. why don't you ask your THREE year old brother where it is.. because I'm sure HE knows!" and sure as shit.. Ayden was like "Iss white here Gavin." and pointed to the counter.. sigh..

And then Ayden is the complete opposite.. he can remember more than me.. which really isn't saying much.. because I'm forgetful.. (wonder where Gavin gets it from?) I have seriously asked Ayden questions about some song.. or a show.. or a story.. anything.. and he remembers it.. all the time. Last year for Saint Valentine's Day.. they had to send in cards to school.. Ayden was able to tell me there were 16 kids in his class.. and he knew this (according to him) because Monday through Thursday, three kids have show-and-tell, but on Friday, four do. AND of course, Mr. Memory told me which kid had it on which day of the week..

Gavin rambled off the names of his classmates as well.. but later on that night he mentioned a story with some kid with a very unusual name.. I forget what it was.. but I asked if that kid was in his class and Gavin said yes.. BUT he hadn't made our list earlier.. so Gavin was sent to school with a few extra blank St. Valentine's Day cards.. ha!

Gavin is calm and quiet.. always has been.. for the most part.. Ayden, however, can't sit still.. he is always sliding, jumping, bouncing, hopping, dancing.. Yin and Yang those two are!!

I wonder what Ethan will be like in a few years..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny Stories

Going thru some pictures and found a few that made me laugh.. at the ridiculousness that is my life.. On Easter we took the boys to the boardwalk like we always do.. and I wanted a picture of my men.. so when we came to the SpongeBob painting I said:

Me: Ok, stop and let me take a picture..


Me: Ayden, shut up and let me take a picture! (Mother of the year candidate, I know!)

Ayden then walks over to the wall and this was snap #1:

Me: Pick your head up and smile or I'm taking your DSi! (That's his big birthday present.. my parenting skills are to be admired.. I'm well aware)

Attempt #2:

Me: Gavin, cut the crap out. Get your arm off of him! Ayden, smile or we're going home.

Attempt #3:

Who would've ever known!! This totally reminds me of saying my father used to ALWAYS tell me.. "Nicole, don't open your mouth and no one will know you're stupid." (NOW do you see where I get my parenting skills from?!)


Another story about my awesome parenting.. which actually, any mom knows kids can get into trouble (or danger) in SECONDS!!!

So this next story happened.. today I think.. yes, today.. Frank got a call to go help a buddy out at like 8:30am so while he was packing a lunch and getting dressed I was talking listening to him and watching the kids.. who were pretty quiet and still because they had just woken up as well.. when Frank, who was in the kitchen the whole time, says "Come here. Come look at him." I knew he was talking about the monster.. and he was.. THIS is what I saw when I went in:

Ethan, who apparently had no patience to wait for me to make him breakfast.. climbed up the chair and onto the table and got himself sutten to eat on his own.. I've never given him a whole apple before! I usually peel the skin off and cut him small chunks.. but apparently he wanted to eat it like his older brothers..

As I clicked this next one Ayden said "Mom, he's eating the sticker!" I didn't even panic cause I was certain he would spit it out.. NOPE.. he swallowed it.. that's right about the time I got him down, peeled his apple, and gave it back to him whole.. which he continued to carry around for quite some time.. he ate most of it too.. I was shocked..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My bad..

I hate guilt.. and I am pretty full of it at the moment.. though I am fervently talking myself out of it.. I was wrong.. I definitely was.. BUT I am REALLY regretful and sorry for what I did.. I mean truly, 100% feel like a total loser for what I did.. and since I'm so sincere.. I think God has forgiven me.. well, I'm sincere.. AND I promised God I won't cause any more problems..

Oh, I'm speaking of encounter #2 with the crazy neighbor guy.. the first encounter since our little run in.. you know the one where he yelled at my children because they were trying to break into his car.. *shakes head*

I ran into him and his wife at the store and I made a point to stare him down with the evil eye as I got closer and eventually I was sort of all up in his face.. THEN.. when we were about 30 feet away I said in an extra loud voice to Frank "That was him!" and Frank goes "Who?" and I said "The fat ugly neighbor guy!"

How childish.. and ridiculous.. and mean of me.. I really hope he didn't hear me.. Although I'm sure his ears were paying extra attention to what I said I walked away since I got especially close with my nasty attitude all up in his face..

Even if I didn't say that nasty comment.. I would feel bad JUST for getting in his face with a nasty look.. even that is ridiculous.. ho hum..

I'm such a loser.. dork.. rude.. meany.. I mean he was way outta line that day.. but still.. I took it too far tonight.. trying to make him feel stupid?? I mean seriously what is wrong with me??

But I have to let the guilt go.. I believe guilt is a tool of the devil.. I AM remorseful.. and I will never give my neighbor any more negative vibes.. and for that I think God forgives me.. so I have to forgive myself.. sorry Mr. Neighbor Guy..