Sunday, March 14, 2010


How could God allow us to procreate and not give us a step by step pamphlet.. I mean WHAT am I supposed to do when Ayden pulls up a chair, leaps into a tumblesault MID AIR and lands on the couch.. as if that wasn't bad enough.. Ethan then climbs up onto the chair that Ayden initially plunged off of.. and HE tries to do a tumblesault too.. I ran and caught him.. but seriously.. WHAT is the appropriate reaction to that situation..

MY reaction went something like..

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUU!!!!!! THAT is what you wanna teach your brother?! You want him to fall off the couch and crack his head open?! You're NOT allowed to jump on the couch!!! Isn't that what I tell you EVERY SINGLE day!??!?! Get in time out! Nowww!!

Or how about when Gavin's teacher called me last week to tell me that she turned around for a minute and when she looked back at the class "Gavin whacked another student." The other kid apparently admitted that he hit Gavin first, but still.. The teacher, following protocol, called SECURITY.. and they both had "time out".. what?? Time out?? Isn't that called in school suspension? And to boot this was like his friend.. so it wasn't even like Gavin was defending himself.. he was basically rough housing in class.. uhh okaaay.. thanks Gav.. I LOVE getting phone calls in which the teacher tells me your goofing off and disrupting her class.. awesome..

My reaction to that one was a week of punishment.. no tv, video games, cell phone..

and Ethan is giving those two a run for their money.. a total menace that one.. he climbs up the stairs and laughs when I tell him to get down.. he touches the stove.. he LOVES going in the garbage can.. he goes into the cabinets.. ya know.. the ones with the childproof locks.. yeah those.. *rolls eyes* I mean.. what do you do.. yell?? Doesn't work.. Remove him?? It's only temporary.. Put him in a safe place like the play pen so I can finish doing the dishes?? He climbs right out!

If my children grow up to be hardened criminals.. is it like MY fault??

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  1. Hey :) Thanks for being nosey in my neck-of-the-woods. Girl, I was laughing reading this post.. sounds a lot like my house.. Your Ethan sounds a LOT like my Mackenzie.. that girl is so smart and fearless like you wouldnt believe. Ive had to grease her up to get her out of my stair rails more times than I'd like to admit.
    Hang in there hon.. I hear it gets easier..